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My Living Room

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right,my dads away for a week or two,so im re-doing the living room for him,which is why im always skint at the moment.i'm doing it all myself,no builders or nothing,so everything in the finished product will have been done by me :D i'll chuck some pictures up of how it is at the moment.as you can see from some of them,ive just started wiring the new lights in (yes its clipped to the ceiling,cos im putting a false ceiling up,so it'll be covered) and ive painted some of the walls.i'll post some pics up of the end result when its done in a week or so...hopefully.














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hahah,i could do it pink,although my dad would probably kick me out...then i'd be homeless :( hahah.

mike syndrome?i get that all the time :P but as this will sweeten my dad up,it'll hopefully mean i dont have to pay rent for a while :- im gonna rip up the carpets an lay wood flooring,im gonna make a step in the floor near one wall,and put some little led lights in it.switcheless chrome sockets,chrome light swithes,spotlights where the cables are,although there will be more than 4 eventually.that room had only one light in the middle,which is why i have to re-wire it.im doing 4 spotlights in the middle and four in the corners of the room.they'll be on two switches,four inners on one,and four outers on the other.just ripping the skirting board off at the moment,gonna replace it with 6 inch skirting,which means i have to higher all the sockets!so far im on day 2...


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First DIY topic on TF?!

Looks good, hope it all works out well for you :)

cheers man (Y)

at some point i'll post up exactly what im doing.all my ideas for it etc,or as best as i can by writing it out :S just finished ripping all the skirting board off.the thing i forgot was,it may look like one big room...but its actually two seperate rooms with a big archway thingy linking them up...D'OH!ah well,time to distinguish the feed from the switch wire,if you hear a scream,it means i've been electricuted...


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