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Brand New To Bmx


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Hi all,

I am Brand new to bmx'n i've very little experience to do with bikes!

I'm from liverpool and have access to the Rampworx in aintree which is handy to help me start!

2 Questions really!

What bike should i be looking to buy and from where for around £100-150!?

dent wanna buy anything to expensive because i could get it and give up after a month or sutin!

I will mostly be on the streets to get confident on it but would like to go to the ramp park,

I'm 20, 5'10 and weight around 11st

Second question!

Does anyone round liverpool ride that would wana meet up when i get a bike n stuff and show me best places to go etc would be on friday 5pm+ and saturdays!

Thanks alot for any advice hope to get to know yas all soon!


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I'd rather get stabbed in the penis than go on BMX-forum again. www.bikeguide.org/forums is OK, as is www.streetphire.co.uk Don't go on Streetphire expecting to get that many serious answers...

Cheap BMXs feel like shit. When I got my first one, I spent just over £200 and it was pretty nice, I then just upgraded the bars so they fitted me a bit better and then the brake, and so on. Basically, if you're only spending £100-150 you probably won't like it too much simply 'cos it'll be a bit turd. Equally, cheap BMXs have ultra short toptubes (19-20"), so they may be too short for your liking. Honestly, just try and get nearer £200-250. Even if you don't like it, you'll have more chance of selling on a decent complete than shit, cheap one just because one's more desirable than the other. You'll have to lose more money on the cheaper one than the more expensive one when it comes to selling it.

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