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Help please Guys


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I would say - get a stock, I cant think of any reason these days to start out on a mod (unless you are very young and couldnt handle a stock)

I would look at the new Phase full bikes from MAD as they look pretty much perfect as a step into trials - good spec and geo for little money...


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the T-pro 07's better then your choice i say.

as it will be my first trials bike i am willng to spend arond 300-350max cheers guys

for £349.00 you can get the new onza t-pro 07. it will be worth it mate (Y)


a decent beginner's bike!


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Yeah, T-pro 07 if you want mod, This if you want stock. Seem to be the best for the money.

As for mod or stock, people are right, its not really height, I mean, I'm 5'9" and I ride 24" its style, not height, just have go's on other peoples bikes and see what you prefer.

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onza do the best range of bikes to start on and tartybikes.co.uk has all the bikes there on the website and they are also a great help. give them a email or a call and they will help you out giving you all the information to get started and sell you the bike to do it on.

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i've looked at some of the bikes on tarty bikes and i've always been told that rim brakes are better than v (common sense) but still i dont want to spend £350 on a bike that i've then got to spend another £100 on brakes lol seems like a waste!!!

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