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What Makes A Good Video?

Egg Fried Rice

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A song that hasn't been used before.

Different camera angles and minimal visual effects. - No stars and shit inbetween clips.

I like minimalist editing basically. Fading inbetween clips, or maybe blurring clips into eachover.

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Smooth stuff, especially for the music and editing.


Not doing the same thing over and over again

Not doing 10 minutes vid of one rider, exept if you kick some major ass and don't the same thing over and over

Actually waiting to have really good clips to put in the vid

Not to much bails, exept if it's funny/major.

That sums it up...

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Annoys me:

-Drop gaps

-Wheelswaps onto roadside rails

-Constant sidehops

-Power moves




-Creative and smooth riding

-A variety of different techniques, not only just one

-Interesting music which would probably mean different to what is usually used.

Funny that.

I saw some drop gaps in your latest movie film.



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Maybe mixxing a couple of songs together not using the whole lengh of one song but clips of lots of songs you like???this would have to be done properly though or might sound a bit gash.

Not using too much of the set up of a move in the vid, no rocking back and forth on the wheels or anything.

Dont listen to anyone who says that side hops are crap in vids if thats your style then go for it (Y)

Try and have a theme for your vid or different theams throughout, eg a provocative moody type of vid or a funny having a laugh sort of thing....

IMO effects are bad. fading ok though.

While filming always try somthing new for the camera that you have never done before, a line thats always had your name on it. It will make you feel better if you clean the line and see yourself progressing (Y)

Good luck B)

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The main thing I want to see in a video is something that will inspire me to ride. That doesn't mean an 8 foot gap, despite the fact that I can't do that. It means something interesting, unusual moves or lines.

Also I like to see people ride really smoothly with control.

It annoys me when there are large parts of the video of stuff not involving riding. Sometimes these are things which have some meaning or relevance to the people who made the video, and their friends, but not to anybody else.

Ummm, if the sound track finishes before the end of the video or vice versa that's a bit annoying. Just edit it to the right length!

p.s. If it has manualling in it I will probably be seduced, regardless of anything else in the video...

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Smart music which fits to the style of the rider, not nessacerily the music the rider prefers.

Smooth and impressive moves

i really like runs where u go from one trick to another real fluent.


Shity camera quality

no "funny" talking crap from your friends, cos it isnt usually funny.

it also anoys me when people showt yeaaaah when u land sumthing

all the same stuf over and over, gets real boring to watch. so mix stuf up

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Erm im a twat really lol i love big moves. I like some spins but they bore me. I hate natty. Just riding that makes you want to watch it again. Not repeated over and over then once more in slow mo. Just a nice vid. I liek all the front to backs etc, Vids like daz m tunni damon cls that lot

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I like abit of everything, powermoves, not too much natural but I don't mind it, nice music you can listen to without having to turn it down, NOT KILLSWITCH..

Gaz M's latest vid was a nice 'un, and Damons.

Ali C, vid 3...... YESSSSSSS.


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