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Mixing 2 Pads


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i dont realy understand this i must say most people are quite happy with one set of break pads seems to make more sence to me? but i did like my koxx borwns tend to blunted grinds love

CRM's but its getting wintery so i would say somthing like coust pads.


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I know a few people who used to run a Koxx Brown and a Koxx green(i think, or may of been a koxx blue) and worked really really well, and was super loud.

Was one Koxx brown and one Koxx Blue used on a ronnie rim with a fresh grind.

And oh my it was the best brake ever.


Nice bite, hold, sound everything although when alex tried this on the try-all rim it didn't work for hell.

So bare in mind what rim you are running e.t.c

Id say plaz or the softer compound for the try-all/hog/viz rims and harder compound for the harder matriel rims so koxx bloxx on a ronnie/dx32,bmf e.t.c


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