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What Helmet Whould You Suggest


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Hey guy

I was just thinking about all things trials as you do and thats when it hit me i did not have a helmet.

I would like to get a helmet but im not sure about what one to get has anyone got a good idear of a suitable trials helmet

thanks again guys ;)

Hello im apologizing for my bad spelling i forgot about spellcheck lol whould lol :$

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Any bicycle helmet should be ok, don't get a full face though, as i've heard it greatly restricts your vision.

Are you saying you haven't got a spellchecker? The solution: Download ieSpell and you should know where the spell check button is?

Have a look on ChainReactionCycles, they have a lot of MTB helmets to chose from which will be suitable for trials.

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I guess any helmet would do, at the moment I am restricted to a full face by my parents, but am on the way to persuading them to let me have something a bit more stylish and practical.

Full face helmets don't really restrict your vison, they are alright but get hot in the summer, and is a pain when someone rings you and you want to answer.

Just try to get one that is strong, reliable, and covers a large portion of your head.

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If you want to save some money, you can always get a cheap skater helmet, like the type that Vincent H wears. I think I got mine for the equivalent of like 15 pounds here in Australia.

The only problem with them is that they get really hot in the summer but you guys in UK might not have that problem because it doesnt really get to like 35+ every day.

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