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My Luvly Bike :)


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Heya guys,

got my bike running and i thought i'd give u guys some specs,

soon ill get some piccies too :P

So, lets begin,

Frame: Stark Trial Team wb1100, cs 385, bb+0

Fork: Fork from Author A-gang 2004, fully cromo^^

Handlebar: A-gang riser

Grips: Try-all transparent

Stem: Unknown(too long, gotta change that)

Cranks: echo 2005(i think)

FrontFreewheel: acs 18T

Chain: KMC Z ... something.

Pedals: Platforms with changeable pins

Back Brake: Magura 05 i think, one pad is plazmatic and the other is my friend's made nightpad:P

Front Brake: V-powwa :D, tektro lever,nightpads and a booster, quite powerful :P

Gear ratio: 18-15

Front Wheel: unknown hub QR, usual spokes, dm18 rim, author ranger tire,usual tube

Back Wheel: shitmano LX hub fixed QR, 2mm spokes, dx32 rim light grind, maxxis swampthing(gotta change), Maxxis DH tube

ChainTensioner: shitmano sora

http://www.stark.ru/bikes/27/37.html I got a older version of the frame.

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Nice,Do you feel comfy riding it? Those pad's sound interesting too..


like they say, humans can coupe with anything :P

it feels shorter than my friend's wb1040 mielec :P

Those pads are made by my friend :P He gets some kind of material from his dad's work :P

The pads are so cheap and they hold the secret of ultimate brakepowwa :D

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Looks very nice with those chrome forks (Y) and will you be selling any of these POWWA pads ? :P

Sorry if this is going off topic a bit but E6v6i6l, is your pic a T-Comp ? because it looks a lot like mine did when it died !!

I'll be selling if you would live anywhere near estonia and when my mate gets some of that uberluvly material for da pads, entitled "The Nightpads" :D

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