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National Bike Show 07


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I didn't think the bike show ran anymore :S.


yea its back again this year danny. back at the nec too. guess the coventry idea just wasnt a success.

as for companies there, cant comment on whether tarty bikes or selectbikes will be there, as dont think they wer that well established last time bike show ran at nec. im 99% sure zoo wouldnt have a stand, and quite unlikely deng will have a stand. from previous years. trials companies there have been ashton bikes, pashley(altho wer only sellin t shirts last time i went, and taking orders, had no stock at the show, just demo bikes) and supercycles/onza. but may be totally different this year.

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Im pretty sure this is different to the bikeshow as we used to know it...Correct me if im wrong but isnt this run by different people?

yea, it is different people hence it aint known as the bike show no more. and the logos all changed. and it looks more expo style. and less retail orientated. but was just commenting on who had been there previous years, and who i expected to not be having a stand this year(i.e just a zoo stand)

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"The huge 8500 capacity indoor stadium will host the hottest bike multi discipline sports arena ever staged in the UK. Events will include mountain bike and BMX racing, North Shore and Slope style, Trials arena and Dirt area for BMX and Mountain Bike with top riders displaying their unique skills.

All filmed for channel 4!"

Good 'ol channel four, always out there to do something different. How much coverage the trials will get i dont know, but would be wicked to see some decent viewing on terrestrial.

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