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DMR pedals are alright, i've had V8's for ages.. had VP's, cages snapped, threads stripped, cracked etc.

I've been looking at other pedals, like the V8's, but they all look slippy. - Have a really flat platform, and less pins that V8's, and they're smalelr pins.

I prefer having bigger pins for grip, I don't like having my feet slipping about. :closedeyes:

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Don'tbuy V8's! I have had mine for about 6 months and the bearings are shagged!!! All the pins have fallen out aswell. They were also replacement pedals as the set i originally bought seized (yes i did use the grease provided) so i took them back to the shop and they gave me the pedals i am running now.

if you are buying pedals off the web, go for V12's or another higher spec pedal. they are worth the money. Trust me!!!

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after using kona J/S pedals, dont think ill use owt else. super smooth cartridge bearings, massive platforms, so u got something big to aim for on crank flips/ ur feet are less likely to slide off. pins seem to take a beating, considering i must of hit walls with them a good 15 or 20 times nice an hard on saturday. and they aint damaged a pin yet. double concave too. and at £15.00 on wiggle. tis a bargain, and they look the dogz.

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