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What Are The Best Value Freewheel?


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Try-all all the way my mate has just got one and there beasts. Makes the best clicking noise i have heard on a freewheel and also it has the most engagements with its 9 pawls. Thats a darn sight more then a tensile which is what i have got.


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There super good.

Just keep an eye on it for coming loose.

Mine never hardly ever skipped and when it did it was a slight clcik and it was when i was just riding alllong the ground.

Seriously get one!


Try all, some mates around here run them, propper bo.


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try-all all the way mate. iv had mine now since christmas and its been amazing, never skipped once. these freewheels are by far the best for the money, you will be very happy with one and it will never let you down. also with the lockring been on the other side you will not have to be tightening it up every five minutes like i had to with my acs. hope i have helped you mate!

cheers lou.

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If you want a really cheap, but still reasonably good(ish) freewheel; I had an ACS claw for about a year on my monty 220 and it took abuse really well and the engagement was pretty good for the ridiculously low price!

A tip though: if you're going to run it on the front (screwed onto you cranks) get the welded version



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