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  1. It really won't be too much of an issue to be honest. I had a chap chap ring me regarding these new rules and the points system and there's enough similarities in bits swapped between cars to deem them as good as or "original". They have to be as the title given states, "Radically Altered" You basically have to have the likes of a Mini shell on a monster truck chassis to fail on the points system, unless of course it's been spaceframed.. etc. From my point of view as a tester it's no different to a VIC or registering a kit car, it's only those who have something of value that will need Q plating in the case of a classic MOT exempt vehicle that will be strongly against.
  2. Best I've tested all day... Passable but I really need to reshell
  3. Theres a bit of corrosion I'll have to advise on and my wipers need changing.. can PRS those and keep my stats climbing in a favourable fashion haha
  4. MOT time for the Civic tomorrow. Fingers crossed it passes..
  5. DVSA assessed me this morning for the final time. Passed with flying colours! Qualified MOT tester.
  6. This is the plan. Unfortunately if I want one any time soon the coupe would have to go. If I hold out and buy next year for the right money it could effectively only cost me time through selling the unneeded running gear from the teg/civic
  7. Exactly that mate. But the K20 is SUCH a good match in the older Civic chassis, and underneath the ITR and the Civics are identical.. the running gear is all interchangeable. Actually running a DC2 steering rack and subframe/lower arms and hubs on my Coupe currently. The teg would make a great road car, but I'd just have the itch to improve its capability on track to make it match the Civic currently. I think it's a change in aesthetics and "feeling" that I want more than anything.. I've had 6-7 Civics now and I'm a little bored. A different platform (though similar) would be refreshing. I've wanted a dc2 since I was about 6 years old.
  8. I went out for a drive tonight, and subsequently turned round and came home. Ive still not swapped my road wheels back onto the Civic, semi slicks + rain = a rather interesting drive. Feel like I'm losing the love for it and keep looking at DC2 Integra Type R's again. Would do the change in a breath but I think the drop to the 1.8L B18 would have me missing the K20 in no time. Decisions.
  9. Me? Once you've done a few they become pretty straight forward
  10. Not sure what I'm more impressed by. The riding or the fact your camera and tri-pod weren't knicked in the making of. Always a pleasure viewing your activities Mr. Flipp.
  11. Just to throw my two pence in. All the HeatSink Yellows I ever rode with were epic for a shot time, but from then on were so inconsistent I always gave up on them. The best CNC backed pad I used were the TNN ADMs. Didnt need a savage grind to work and remained perfectly consistent right down to the point where the rims grind would almost be smooth again. Excellent pads. The LGMs are also great and always had immense bite/hold but seemed to need a nice fresh/sharp grind to perform at their peak.
  12. Civic is still working as it should. Genuine clutch feels superb and coped with a mornings abuse at Blyton no problem on Saturday. Im currently trying some 100 Compound Nankang NS2Rs and I'm not overly impressed so far.. more understeer than I'd like but that may be alignment related after it's run over some hefty kerbs at Cadwell. Was cool to see Ali Hamilton and Dan too during Clio Fest. The Civic was the odd one out among many Renaults but it seemed to pass more than it was passed by... still happy with it. Lots of positive comments from others that took an interest regarding how it went on track and the work involved in the conversion. Was a good morning out
  13. Genuine Honda clutch kit ordered this time. Fingers crossed... just sold the Peugeot so it has to do the job now.
  14. No desktop for me as my laptops kaput But an ever predictable background from me.
  15. Clutch no.2 on the k20 needs replacing... won't disengage properly. So ive bought some wheels instead Hoping to make ClioSportFest at Blyton for the morning track time next weekend so fingers crossed I sort a clutch in time. Genuine only this time!