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  1. Civic might have to go. Pining for a DC2 badly, I’m sure I can cope with a slower car for a bit.. I’m keeping the K20 tucked away until I can afford to refit it in a DC2.
  2. This deters me visiting the ring on anything other than a track day. Must be a challenge to efficiently Marshall a circuit of that size but better signalling could have prevented a pile up of that scale. Cadwells light panel warnings are brilliant, perhaps a series of buttons around the circuit that could be activated by a driver in the event of a crash, should he/she be able, to illuminate Red/Yellow signals between marshall posts. Not only to alert drivers but also the marshalls themselves. Want to go next year but I think I’ll do a day at Spa instead.
  3. Microsoft Flight Simulators were ace, far too much time as a young lad spent on them and WW2 era Comba Flight Sims
  4. Le Civic in action.
  5. Big one. Another great day out at Cadwell for me! Not so much for Alex and his MX5.. As mentioned the Civic has had a Hondata ECU fitted now with a nice map on it, but it required a different inlet manifold as against the standard EP3 one I had fitted. It turned up Thursday afternoon, the night before the track day.. never a good idea to tinker before the day but thankfully it paid off. The result is a much happier car, that runs smoothly and now packs a noticeably improved punch. Certainly caught me out once or twice with entry speed being marginally higher than I was used to. The car was faultless all day with up to a 40 minute session non stop at one point. Very greasy in the morning with the track being wet still so I popped on the RainSports (excellent tyre!) for the morning. Dried up, R888R on and really pressed on, too hard it seems as the brake carriers started fouling the spokes of the front wheels. Everything was checked and all tight so I can only assume heat expansion is the cause. Another set of front wheels on with some 100 compound NS2R saw me out for the day and let me push almost as hard as the R888 although they seem to go off quickly. Maybe the 120 or 180 compound would be better suited to long stints. Bigger/wider wheels and a big brake kit of sorts is on the wish list now. I feel the car is capable of more beyond a 195 width tyre and OEM (DC2) brakes (PBS pads and ATE fluid but they’re not able to disperse the heat well enough) Maybe a ratio and final drive change too when the diff comes out to be re-plated. Unfortunately Alex’s mx5 came back in from the last session with a distinctly terminal knocking noise coming from the bottom end. Knowing him he’ll make light work of fixing it!
  6. One remade Powerflow rear silencer. The little N1 style box had no silencing qualities at all but the tubing on it promoted better flow with mandrel bends and a 2.5”id as per the rest of the system. The powerflows original tubing was tiny but the entry into the box was 2.5.. odd. A bit of measuring, cutting and welding has produced this. Much better fit, clears the ARB much better and more importantly flows freely and isn’t as obnoxiously loud.
  7. More exhaust fab today. Too loud for my liking in its current form.
  8. Productive evening. Got the map smoothed out a little while I wait for the correct inlet manifold I need to arrive, car feels much happier for it. Also set the secondary lambda up as a lean detetction sensor, and enabled add fuel in a lean situation. Great bit of kit this ecu. I will be adding a proper wideband sensor to accurately monitor A/F/R in due course. Refettled the exhaust so it’s a consistent diameter through out, though it’s now much louder than I’d like, (The youth in me does like it) I’m confident it’ll sill pass the static dB test at Cadwell next week. Rear seats back out and harness in. Gearbox oil to change on Wednesday when it arrives and it’s good to go
  9. Hondata K Pro fitted this afternoon. The inner geek in me loves it. A friend has sent me a map that works nicely enough for my current set up. Had a little drive this even and it’s so much smoother! 9k rpm rev limit sounded awesome but I’ve got too much mechanical sympathy so I’ve knocked it down to 8300 haha. Bluetooth feature for real time data on my iPhone is a nice feature too, handy way to keep an eye on temps.
  10. Might give it a shot weather dependant at Cadwell next week.. if it will yield similar benefits in a FWD platform. Certainly looks to work for you.
  11. Rats nest is an accurate description yes.
  12. 90s Hondas *** when it comes to maintanence. Ive got D series (single cam) to B series (DOHC vtec) engine conversions in my shape civic down to 1hour 40mins haha
  13. If I’d had an engine there with all the ancillaries on including loom the job could have been done in a day no problem at all. The way the loom intertwines its way through hoses and impossibly small gaps is what’s taken the time it has. Removing the engine box as one is an hour and a half of a job if that. Frustrating.
  14. I have a new found sense of admiration for you VAG group lads. Ive just about buttoned up an engine replacement in a Mk4 GTI 1.8T and it’s been an arse the whole way through. What’s with all the unnecessarily complicated breathers and vac lines?! The rediculous vag plugs/connectors with those silly release clips that never work and threaten to rip your nail off before they unclip. Swapping all the shit from the dead engine onto the replacement has taken longer than actually removing/fitting the lump as a complete unit.
  15. I fixed the unsuccessful fix I attempted on the CRX this evening. 45 mins or so saw the engine removed, head already removed and fit onto what is the cars original bottom end. Said new engine assembled, new timing belt and water pump, head gasket, RPC carbon Kevlar clutch, Y2 short ratio box. Engine will all ancillaries on its way in. Really smooth swap with no hassle. And finally complete. Quick turn over without the injectors plugged in got some oil round the motor before first start. Plugged them in, started first turn of the key. Dizzy timing set after it came off fast idle, runs spot on and sounds beautifully smooth as Honda motors should. Great fun playing with the old B series engines again