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  1. Had a mega few days until the 306 took a massive shit on them this evening. Passed my MOT course, sold a cylinder head, sold the cam cover, sold my old Recaros... all looking good. Chappy paid more money for me to deliver said Recaros to Crewe, about 100 miles. Drop Recaros, turn round, f**k off home. Sound. Nope. The peugeot does smoke on full boot but when it continued to emit white steam when not on the pedal it worried me... 3 miles out of Crewe. Just as the needle shot up to max temp the entire contents of the engines cooling system spaffed itself up the windscreen. Que hours of trying to find someone with some f**king pliers and a Stanley knife so I could chop the offending hose and refit. Had to use some shit office scissors and rob me jubilee clamp from my intake pipe.! shit car.
  2. Passed the MOT exam
  3. Not really mate, they can be so bad it's either a specialist job to have them removed with a hydraulic puller, ream them out or worst case head off.
  4. If it's done 120k it's around the mileage the injectors start to fail on most. Very common problem with both the earlier F9Q and M9R lumps. Both are notorious for injector failure. The M9R lumps are a nightmare to remove injectors too as the water gathers between the humps in the cam cover and they just fuse themselves solid to the head... No.1 injector on the F9Q lumps seize in too. Expensive job to rectify. If it seems to run a bit lumpy, throw any black smoke out or struggle to rev initially after cold start, steer clear.
  5. Lunch time. On my MOT course and pleasantly surprised with how much I know so far.. feeling confident (touch wood).
  6. Diff bearings Thats a shame Dan. On the flip side I fitted my diff this evening... The hardest bit was changing that b*****d speedo gear. Fiddly.
  7. Winner.
  8. Speed meter gear has arrived... who cares to guess how much this little bit of machined metal cost? I feel ill.
  9. My old Civic on ITBs did a full tank from Barton to Silsden, around 80 miles too I had a huge smile on my face all the way home though haha
  10. Harness arrived today but I'd overlooked the need to purchase under floor spreader plates with nuts to accept the eyelets. Bastarrdddddddd. One more thing to do on top of the diff and timing chain this weekend.
  11. The exciting bits have arrived
  12. 24 hour access to a garage with ramps and every tool I'd ever need helps a lot! I've got bugger all else to do either
  13. Mixed feelings about this evenings results. The bias valve is in, all lines complete and the brakes seem to work but I'm getting the impression the master cylinder isn't up to the job. Long pedal travel and quite squishy.. front pads are brand new however so I'm hoping that it'll improve with some mileage when they've bedded in. There's no air in there at all, spent well over an hour going round in circles bleeding them all with the valve wide open for free flow. 1" MC would undoubtably improve feel. Time to get some miles in I think and see how we go. Only suffered one leak too! Might remake that pipe as the flare wasn't incredible. Harness and diff should land any day this week.
  14. More parts arrived this morning. Got my old brake pipes off yesterday... Internal lines to make tonight, with said parts
  15. It's certainly easier with one! Dead lucky to be allowed to use them anytime. Haha I watched that start to finish, some nice bits on that car. Id like to try the R888R next.