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  1. Car looks great @dann2707! Id imagine the smoke was just the result of a bit of a flame/pop on over run/limiter? Minor issues considering how long it’s been off the road.. easy fixes too. Will try join you at Cadwell this month too.
  2. Wouldn’t mind a cheap MX5 as a toy for summer!
  3. Not touched the civic since the mishap at Cadwell until today. Collected the new bumper and wing from the body shop today. Got them fitted and went for a spin. Think the kerb I went up has torn the flexi pipe on the manifold as it continues to blow no matter what I do to seal the exhaust joins. I’ve had enough of fixing it with cheap flexis from the factors now so I’m going to buy a new K Tuned manifold with a view to having a new exhaust made too before it’s mapped. Was lovely to have a drive but I’m just not sold on it as a road car anymore. Diff is too clunky, suspension isn’t compliant enough anymore and the tyres produce loads of road noise, so it’ll be parked up awaiting the next track day for now I think. Need to find a road going Honda to enjoy inbetween the track days.
  4. Civics first outing at Cadwell wasn’t a blinding success. 306 has popped its radiator. Hoping it’s just a result of it being old and not something like a head gasket failure as a result of me winding more fuel and more boost into it. Attempting to source a reasonably priced replacement is proving difficult. The freebie 2004 1.9 dci Renault Laguna my Dad gave me is excellent. Used it to trip up and down the M62 to collect parts for the Civic and the 306 a few times. Averages 49-52mpg, cruise control, AC and decent climate control.. I don’t miss driving the other two on a similar journey at all oddly.. considering selling it and the 306 to fund a slightly newer and less French alternative. S Line 1.9 TDi A4 Estates are taking my fancy.
  5. Today has been a good day.. Initial test drive went okay, checking for brake feel and alignment. Back in, nut and bolt check. Out for a blast down the carriage way to see if everything was good high up the rpm/mphs. I was met with huge vibration under acceleration.. suspected inner CV. I was right. Must have come apart when removing/installing the shafts from car to car. Cleaned, re-assembled: Passenger side hub assembly re-assembled. One more nut and bolt check. Back out on the road. Result is smooth, clean acceleration with no drama at all. Perfect. Car feels stable yet nimble. Brake back plates are catching the discs (300mm EP3 discs with a different offset) so I’ll be doing away with those tomorrow night while I tweak the alignment. Looking forward to seeing what it can do at Cadwell on Thursday.
  6. Lots has happened in a very short space of time with the Civic. Weekend before last saw the old shell stripped of all components I’d be reusing and building the replacement. Far too much to list but the replacement starts and moves under its own power.
  7. After lots of hassle.. I finally managed to collect my new wheels. Rare Enkei J Speed 3s.. not in the condition described. Need a few dings pulling out, ideally need completely refurbishing. Polished lips, diamond cut spokes and painted infills. Any suggestions on a firm that could do such a task within West Yorkshire chaps?
  8. Made things happen this evening. Back half full of un-needed weight came out, bonnet and bumper rubbed back with compound to make the best of a poor paint job. I’m planning on having the whole car repainted over next winter. Tyres are awaiting arrival of the new wheels. 225/45/16 all round, A048 up front and AD08R on the rear. Was also approached by a local company up the road from me that makes a few components for various different cars to measure up my civic bumpers to make a splitter template. Result for my time was one free, and excellent, splitter for the coupe. Prefacelift front end with the lip and splitter combined looks rather good in my eyes.
  9. Sounds good to me
  10. Accommodation near by/at said pub would be great. I’m partial to a pint.
  11. 1. Tom Booth - ‘64 Fairlane 2. Rainbird - LCR of some sort 3. Daniel cox - turbo clio or none turbo clio 4. Robin - Probably the slowest e36. Maybe... but almost certainly not a 924. 5. Mike - Eunos Roadster (If it survives Bedford Autodrome, trip to Bruges and Rockingham weekender) 6. Pete - Crusty but freshly turbo'd Volvo, I hope. 7. Stuart - Audi A6 8. Lemon- 26" or 24" trials 9. Sam Kidney - Probably a Honda (Maybe a green French Turbo weapon) Up for this, I could try coincide it with a track day down south and a family visit too.
  12. Had planned to run some seats down to hull tomorrow but I’ve been let down on the sale.. so a productive day on the civic sounds in order. Inner wing to finish, all old brake lines off along with the master cylinder/booster and get all the interior out. I want to get it ready to accept an engine next weekend if possible!
  13. Seems it’s the week of awful cars. My Dads just bought a new car and given me his 2004 Renault Laguna 1.9DCi. It’s been 100% reliable in the near 10 years or more he’s had it in fairness.. tempted to flog the 306 and run the Renault instead. Working heaters, working A/C, cruise control.. French luxury or what! One of them has to go. Two Civics, a 306 and a Laguna take up space I don’t have haha
  14. Found some rust, did some cutting, did some welding, happy with result.
  15. Very Morgan-esque. Lovely. Ive been lucky enough to drive an original Morgan 3 wheeler with the Jap V Twin up front. Hand controls are tricky.. but the sound is something else.