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  1. Seems it’s the week of awful cars. My Dads just bought a new car and given me his 2004 Renault Laguna 1.9DCi. It’s been 100% reliable in the near 10 years or more he’s had it in fairness.. tempted to flog the 306 and run the Renault instead. Working heaters, working A/C, cruise control.. French luxury or what! One of them has to go. Two Civics, a 306 and a Laguna take up space I don’t have haha
  2. Found some rust, did some cutting, did some welding, happy with result.
  3. Very Morgan-esque. Lovely. Ive been lucky enough to drive an original Morgan 3 wheeler with the Jap V Twin up front. Hand controls are tricky.. but the sound is something else.
  4. Finally got to doing something on the new Civic this afternoon. Side skirts removed to reveal the cleanest sills I’ve ever seen on a 96-00 Honda Civic. Over the moon. Also got the front end off and gave everything a de-grease and steam clean in prep for two small patches that need welding into the inner wings. I hope to get the dash board and all the associated wiring out over the coming week in preparation of swapping the current coupes wiring in when the time comes. There is differences in the wiring in these cars being different ages and I want to avoid buying another K swap conversion loom at almost £400.. Fuel and brake lines to remove along with the fuel tank before I cut out the spare wheel well and flat floor it to mount the swirl pot and pumps.
  5. More on this please
  6. Clio looks fantastic Dan! Be worth the hard work and effort when it’s working for sure. I looked round the replacement coupe today. It’s good but I’m unsure if I want to track it. Would make an excellent everyday car with a B16/B18 in which could be done at little cost and leave me with enough funds to keep on searching for a DC2 to plonk the K into. Decisions decisions.
  7. Fat Fives are quite desireable over here and not often seen in the classifieds. Already got a bidding war going on them I get it tomorrow and will be going over it throroughly Friday evening. Looking forward to getting stuck into a bit of a project again. A few plans for it before my K swap goes in! Work wise, my Honda side of it, has been upcoming too. Currently mid-strip down and inspection of a B16B out of a friends EK9 Type R I’m rebuilding. Very tired Engine this.. Recovered another lads Civic Jordan last night too. Poor chaps only had it 24 hours and the head gaskets gone. Very clean shell though and the standard B16a2 has been adorned with EK9 pistons to bump up the C.R and EK9 cams to match! B18 high compression engine for the blue CRX is in planning and nearing a start, potential B16 Turbo on the cards and two K series gearboxes to build up with M Factory LSDs and Carbon syncros. In my element
  8. I’ve not purchased an Integra (yet) but I’ve just bought this for £300. No engine/box but it’s rust free, comes with rare Civic EG alloys, Coilovers, EP3 Seats and an exhaust I don’t need.. Alloys - £100 Seats - £70-£80 Exhaust - £90.00 Un-needed bits of old civic -£120 = Making money on a re-shell! Over the moon. This means I can weld a roll cage in and get serious with it.. leaving me to enjoy a DC2 as it should be. I.E mostly original!
  9. .
  10. One month of 306 Diesel Turbo ownership over. Driven it twice, don’t like it
  11. I did a clean and a paint. Cars really healthy at the minute, loves the cold weather
  12. Nothing wrong with Rotas in my eyes. All the Honda brand snobs pay upwards of £1k on fancy wheels like Rays, Volks, SprintHarts, Spoon etc... all very nice but I’d rather ruin a set of £300 Rotas on track than posh ones. Even if they’re not damaged in track tyre changes are regular and that in itself can take its toll on painted edges.
  13. Be awesome for us TF lot to get to trackday somewhere this summer...
  14. Haha, got a track day late February at Cadwell and then Rockingham track time for Mimms Honda Show just before Oulton too. Half tempted to keep saving for a nice complete DC2 and really get the use out of the Civic for most of the year, with a view to swapping it all over October time.
  15. Oulton Park booked for July... better crack on and get a replacement for the coupe sorted!