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  1. This works for me too haha. Although i do enjoy riding with others.
  2. I don't know hastings but i often ride bexhill. There is some decent stuff around the De La Warr. Hastings isn't far away from me and am usually up for a ride.
  3. Cheeky monkey at 1.13!
  4. Ah you mean Pyramids leisure centre?
  5. Cool where are the Pyramids? Only been to portsmouth once. cheers
  6. Where you meeting? What time?
  7. Hey mate. Im from Eastbourne area so not quite West Sussex but dont mind driving. I often ride with two others from around lewes and Brighton who would likely be up for it too. Im not a beginner (riding a couple of years) but not that great either. Not enough riders in Sussex!!
  8. As it happens there were three of us riding splash point on monday! Really nice spot with loads to keep you busy.. I hadn't been before but its worth it. aparently there are other spots in town.
  9. I wouldn't say i was good. How often do you ride?
  10. I don't but i wouldn't mind a ride in Crawley. I can probably get a few others to ride too.
  11. Had a little ride after work today in Bexhill, I've gone back to mod again and it feels great and i feel that im making progress Love that it isn't getting dark till 7.30ish!
  12. I found this odd too as its probably how the majority of the trials community ride.
  13. I was in baggy shorts by the way! haha
  14. I was thinking less for strength and more for flexibility. I think i sometimes struggle to tuck with my legs in trials and i did notice that my legs felt tight. I think this could be down to lots of hours in the saddle mountain biking.
  15. Is yoga good for trials? I tried it once and felt good for it, plus you are in a room full of women in very tight clothes