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  1. I would but im racing all weekend
  2. Very jealous!
  3. Just came across this
  4. Videos look great, would definately like to see more of the videos with subtitles!
  5. I found that too, think that was a problem on youtube. I watched it on facebook with no skipping
  6. Quite refreshing to watch. A good mix of everything, not just street, TGS or natural. Like it
  7. Tried with the help of my old man and came off easy! Clearly not as strong as i thought!? Cheers guys!
  8. I need to relace a 19" wheel for a mate but the sprocket won't budge. I've tried the chain in the vice trick and soaked it in oil overnight first but so far no luck. Say i can't get it off will i manage to get the new spokes in with it still on? its hard to tell without trying but don't want to without being sure as there may be no going back! Anyone done this before? Cheers, Pete
  9. Getting the hang of side hops from two
  10. Tartydays is happening this year??
  11. I'm hoping to come
  12. Pretty happy with this and good days riding with Chris and Ogre.
  13. Clip from this evenings session.
  14. Nothing amazing but i'm happy with this