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  1. Are none of the GB events affiliated with the UCI?
  2. Just seen this here, Anybody heard about it? Definately try to get there and watch some of it
  3. Rode a few local spots I hadn't ridden in a while yesterday and made this. Nothing mind blowing but I'm pretty happy with it
  4. If you buy spokes from tarty bikes they will know the right lengths.
  5. Looks amazing! Great riding.
  6. Actually from friday. Awful pebble run up so took a few atempts.
  7. Im running a Jitsie 108 too and its been mint.
  8. Wow that sounds a bit cold!! For me its just to get out of the wind and rain. Although there aren't many spots near me with railing that aren't super narrow or high up so im sure this will help me progress
  9. Fed up of Christmas and the weather wasn't playing ball. I have use of the smallest corner of a barn. Apoligies for the terrible camera phone footage, this i the result..
  10. I apologize for the terrible camera angle but im pretty happy with this Bit damp today and the first rock was super slippy with sandy tyres!
  11. Yeah, I was playing with this last night. Keeping my arms bent to keep weight over the front wheel. Then lean back slightly only at the last minute.
  12. Cheers Bottleneck, I think im pulling the bars too high too early. I ride a 09 GU Le 20" but used to ride a 26" which i found this move to be easier on. It took more effort to lift the front wheel in the first half of the move which probably helped in a way. With the 20" it feels far more sensative to giving it too much on the pedal stroke at the wrong time. I haven't had much luck with bunny hops so far. I see its far more popular with benito ros and others at world cup level. I can bunny hop my mountain bike pretty well but it feels totally different on the trials bike!!?
  13. I've been riding for a while now and never been much good at them. Consistancy seems to be an issue and also stopping me progressing to higher stuff. Sometimes i can do them ok but rarely more than 2ft and other times i feel like im looping out and fall backwards or just slam the bike into the wall etc.. Any tips? Cheers!
  14. Wow, you actually joined the forum just so you could write a stupid comment...