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  1. Getting the hang of side hops from two
  2. Tartydays is happening this year??
  3. I'm hoping to come
  4. Pretty happy with this and good days riding with Chris and Ogre.
  5. Clip from this evenings session.
  6. Nothing amazing but i'm happy with this
  7. Shit i missed this!
  8. I must have been unlucky then. Sad thing was it pissed it down and i sat in the van while i waited for my mate to turn up. The miserable b*****d waited in the rain for nearly an hour and just stared at me and only aproached me once i got my bike out again! I had no idea who he was before that and started to think he was some kind of pervert haha! Give me a shout sometime if you want, be cool to meet more local riders.
  9. Is there much riding in Tunbridge Wells? I went there once and some willy from the council threatened to prosecute me for riding at wellington rocks!
  10. This works for me too haha. Although i do enjoy riding with others.
  11. I don't know hastings but i often ride bexhill. There is some decent stuff around the De La Warr. Hastings isn't far away from me and am usually up for a ride.
  12. Cheeky monkey at 1.13!
  13. Ah you mean Pyramids leisure centre?
  14. Cool where are the Pyramids? Only been to portsmouth once. cheers