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  1. luks wong to be honest
  2. cow, ayy
  3. loved the music again, your style never stops to amaze me, enjoyed dis a lot
  4. dis luks mental i quiet like it
  5. Yesterday i had a great time nearby the train station. Spring is comming so it was a hot day. Love this spot. Bought a new camera and a stand, i like the result so far.
  6. dis gusting
  7. he is a beast
  8. Aww yiss, a classic from the old days!
  9. After some updates
  10. ehehehe
  11. the music was absolutely spot on for me just like the editing
  12. definitely need more of this kind of stuff m8, pure TGS in there, well done, rly loved it
  13. massive! wow! respect m8
  14. this is awsome rly liked it, epic editing and skillz, true stuff
  15. Jack is like a machine, brute force all the way.