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  1. Is Ali not using Chris King hubs?
  2. Dan Slyfield had one of the originals I think
  3. This is a bike trials forum mate, try asking on trials central https://www.trialscentral.com/
  4. Try posting on trials central www.trialscentral.com
  5. Was worth a look. I take it you have tried ebay?
  6. https://activesport.co/epages/80c85f8f-7a95-4b1c-9c30-e64b314f3f2e.sf/?Locale=en_GB&ObjectPath=/Shops/80c85f8f-7a95-4b1c-9c30-e64b314f3f2e/Products/CKPHB544/SubProducts/CKPHB558&ViewAction=ViewProductViaPortal&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrZqLhoyx4gIVibbtCh3pQQTSEAkYBCABEgK0ZfD_BwE Any help?
  7. This is a proper electric trials bike, the TRS is still a petrol engine
  8. Try trials central.com, very friendly and helpful site.
  9. Wrong type of trials website, this is for pedal pushers. Go to trials central. You should find your answer on there. Very friendly site and always happy to help people out! Pretty sure most people remove the oil tank and pre mix the fuel.
  10. @Ali C on a comp bike, that has got to be future vlog idea. Would love to see Ali build up one of his old frames and go old school a couple of times.
  11. https://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/product/77789/Onza_Tyke_Trials_2015_Bike
  12. Pretty sure it is aimed at the younger market but I may be wrong
  13. @LEON Surprised you're running an HS33 on the rear instead of a disc.
  14. Has anyone got the Tim Pratt bonus footage that was on GET 1, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Definately worth a post/repost I'm sure.
  15. Do any of them still ride? would love to see these guys do some new vids