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  1. Nice bike @Alex Dark. Could be interested in the inspired forks if you decide to move them on.
  2. @Ali C would probably be the best person to talk to.
  3. Bugger! do you know when the correct one to fit will be back in stock @Adam@TartyBikes?
  4. Just found a description of the forks and it say that a standard star nut fits. Would the First top cap kit work @Adam@TartyBikes?
  5. Any idea as to what size star nut to fit in these forks ? @Adam@TartyBikes?
  6. Where can I actually get a set of green rim tapes!

  7. @Private Repress this was a great read. Not sure if I missed it or not but what paint stripper did you use?
  8. Hex would probably be the best thing to go for considering the frames you have mentioned. older models do come up secondhand.