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  1. Alright? long time caller n lurker or watever, decided to make a youtube chanel, its not quite trials but thought itd be relative u kno like einstain n that. Anyway i did some videos. Enjoy
  2. I don't know many people outside of castleford (actually i lie but i don't have contact with many now) but i heard of a 'judders'? if u want, add me on facebook (details above) its prob easier than sortin rides out on here, nice to see trials is still alive locally!
  3. Yeah there's always stuff to ride still waitin for facebook request so ill chat to u on there. If there's any other locals let us know!
  4. Castleford is ok if u know where to go, i dunno if Neil showed u anywhere?
  5. Got a Zoo Pirahna at the minute. Do you ride much in kippax/garforth?
  6. 20 onza? just lookin for more people to ride with as people are busy. I remember u, if ur up for a ride add me on facebook Adam Wilson (Castleford)
  7. Alright, looking for people to ride with locally in cas/leeds/wakey etc ?
  8. Trials forum do counselors? i need to get off this
  9. I'm trying to get off it but trials-forum is like a drug its sick
  10. i told you before i dont ride trials are you stupid? bunnyhops arent trials then i get dragged onto here HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  11. i dont even like trials
  12. wat did u say? get a bmx?
  13. people probably have new computers now. it was ages agoooooooo and i haven't got it, all the stuff i had is on youtube and its crap.