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  1. Really enjoyed watching this edit, great spots in Aberdeen looks like too!
  2. It's obviously a responsibility to not be that person who sprains their ankle riding home and ending up needing treatment so it's tough to weigh up the risks of enjoying yourself without taking any more risk than usual. Riding enduro I've definitely had to check myself to just enjoy being out and attack the climbs and not the downhill.
  3. Even though Bojo's vague instructions have allowed sedentary sport such as a fishing (I love it but it's not exercise!) to go ahead from Wednesday I see it as lone trials riding to be fine in your local area if it's within your limits. If you find yourself in any kind of group outside of your household then you've really messed up. Excited to be able to run in the morning and still ride my bike later on, although no idea when work will pick up again to allow coming off furlough! Agree with Adam on keeping fit being important, with all my rugby 7s tournaments off this summer I don't think I've ridden bikes this much since I was 16, though I didn't have a 2 year old strapped in a seat behind me then. Seems that Covid is getting some old faces back on trials bikes (excited to start scraping my shins again myself) which is definitely a silver lining in this very large corona cloud.
  4. Hi mate, Similar story as I stopped riding trials in 2006, tried again a few years ago but didn't have time. Now just ordered a Czar Ion so when it arrives I'll soon realise how much there is to catch up on I'm sure. Keep up the good effort, nothing good ever came easy!
  5. Thanks again!
  6. Great event, great riders but this video has been cut so heavily it feels like watching my 13 year old nephew flick through crappy YouTube videos! Hard to watch when no line is shown complete.
  7. Enjoyed this, wish it was a bit longer with more clips from his older videos as I still love chainspotting.
  8. Great video, love seeing trials done well on a fairly standard hardtail-brings back memories of Jeff Lenosky! Decent variation in spots and enjoyed 360 to front wheel, something to try and learn! Tom
  9. Perfect video to make me want to ride..and visit Barcelona, every video from there shows more amazing architecture! Nice work guys, amazing riding as expected.
  10. Really good filming here, the riding speak for itself. Very smooth and nails the bigger stuff!
  11. I've just got back into it at age 28 and can't wait for the summer now. Plus of being older means I can pick up pallets and make my own trials course in my own garden when I buy somewhere so having kids won't completely stop me being able to ride the bike. Good on everyone still pushing it. Plenty of over 50 year olds I play rugby against who are still hard as hell. Should be no reason to stop riding because you're getting on a bit. Far better than being sat on the sofa or being a sad case sports follower without your own sport to do!
  12. Loved every line in this, how a Leeson should be ridden! Smooth considering the terrain too.
  13. Heres a little edit I made up of clips filmed on my iphone 4s so excuse some of the filming. Luckily some of my friends are amazing at riding so it was fun to put together! Filmed in Bournemouth, Bristol, Sheffield, Midsomer Norton and Verwood/Three Legged Cross. Tom
  14. Great vid Dan, hopefully ride Btown with you sometime.
  15. Bringing back some older style trials there with such a tall bike Great video, all the best to Martyn for finishing this through a difficult time.