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  8. If you think that the Monty feels like plastic...... Monty's tire is way superior to the creepy crawler in my opinion, and I mean superior at all levels.
  9. beast!!!
  10. that machine has had one beer to many pretty cool stuff
  11. I couldn't last year, but I'm well up for it this one
  12. I'm not a nutritionist or expert in any way but I been lean all my life. I think the approach "eat less and do more" even though it will make you lose some weight it will not be sustainable if you are an active person. for long term fitness and weight loos I suggest you "eat more and do more". Make sure you get enough sugar/carbs to fuel your body and get out. You really need to want it though... short-cuts dont usually work long term. If you dont like exercising or cant find the time to do it, that's a different story.
  13. they say it gives about 200W extra and that's massive!!!
  14. Mechanical doping... what a crap name they have come up with
  15. My because color also used to eat BB bearings fairly quickly. I used to get mine from Wych Bearings. They are cheap and cheerful.