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  1. half of the video with beard haha
  2. Am I the only one that felt those hits on the frame? hahaha great videooo!!!
  3. I'm receiving an offer to buy this bike, but honestly speaking I'm not really sure if I like the Clean x2 2019. Any pictures on "live"? Does any of you have any picture of this bike? it looks better on live than it looks in the picture with that weird gray color?
  5. love your videos and style! great riding
  6. HOnestly, I asked this because I was feeling really weird on the Bike... I already fixed it setting up higher my Handlebar, now it feels awesome... I guess I was watching the wrong place
  7. need to clean my mind haha, thanks for the advice!
  8. Hello guys There's has been something bugging me for some time, a couple of months go a broke my Jitsie 110mm handlebar, and bought one with less rise. Since I'm pretty short 5.5f... But since, I've seen my front foot staying higher than my other foot. Do you know why? Any idea? dow this have any impact on my riding? Ideas to fix it? Thanks for the guidance!
  9. no trial?
  10. nice flow!
  11. that last hook up was really smooth
  12. 0:20 min haha nice move!
  13. WTF...
  14. How d you feel that new 20 clean? I'm planning to buy it!
  15. I live in the middle of my city artistic side, so it's already been a couple of times that I met a guy/girl that takes a couple of pictures. Funny how you can met some people while you have a nice street session! Then he called me for a another more pics, I file like a diva lol