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  1. Sup! Went for a ride with the friends to the Italian mountains at Lessinia. It was really wet training and shitty riding, but we really had some fun. Cheers!
  2. A friend of mine did this some years ago, just wanted to share it haha It was one of the videos which why I started trials 6 years ago and still to this days, WTF
  3. dafuq
  4. Feel you, y issue is when you can't fit a music with the riding of the day hahaha
  5. So much respect. Great style!
  6. I'm just curious of what music do you like when you ride. Share if you have a playlist!
  7. I'm in Milan now, if you come by for a ride doors are open! Thanks for the nice comment
  8. So apparetnly i'm moving to Italy! this will be my last video in Costa Rica, hope you like it!
  9. I'm not a pro, but i've been editing and watching many edit videos. I would only try to work mork with the colour correction on a cloudy day so you have more "warm" light in the whole video and not switching between types of light! But, the video it's really great guys, respect!
  10. half of the video with beard haha
  11. Am I the only one that felt those hits on the frame? hahaha great videooo!!!
  12. I'm receiving an offer to buy this bike, but honestly speaking I'm not really sure if I like the Clean x2 2019. Any pictures on "live"? Does any of you have any picture of this bike? it looks better on live than it looks in the picture with that weird gray color?
  14. love your videos and style! great riding
  15. HOnestly, I asked this because I was feeling really weird on the Bike... I already fixed it setting up higher my Handlebar, now it feels awesome... I guess I was watching the wrong place