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  1. Been using the bolts for some time now, having filed the axle down each side slightly. Wasn't really sure how much to torque them, started off probably a bit too high at 18nm for M6. Then decided to grease them a little so didn't go quite so high, maybe 17nm. Noticed that after getting both sides up to around 13~14nm, then going up to say 16nm, one side would just take maybe 1/3rd of a turn, while the other would take over a whole turn! This evening was no different to all the others except the bolt sheered off right around the point it usually reached torque. Bugger. Will it be possible to drill out, then clean with a tap? Anyone had to? Likelihood of getting replacement axle? EDIT: Removed axle from hub (as per aener's instruction) took it to my Dads to use his pillar drill and bolt extractors when he starts poking it with a screwdriver. I tell him that won't work and then do the same myself and it moves. Good job I put all that grease in there. Removed super easy. Wish I tried that before removing it! Lesson learnt. EDIT: Gone back to QR and since a. I was wrong to think QR was the issue, and b. the bike is stored without front wheel on. The last I'm saying on this!
  2. My Console front wheel is held in the forks by QR. I don't like it, it doesn't seem sufficient, it creaks sometimes and is bugging me. I'd rather bolt the wheel in place properly even though I'd need to do so every time I ride it. What are my options, what do I need? I see Tartys have V!Z end caps guessing that's where I'd start... but with those in place does it work similarly to the rear Hope Pro2 Evo SS hub? ie Two bolts + axle bolt washers for each side? Am I right thinking that any axle bolt washer would suffice, and then Just looked at the description again and realize I overlooked the part where it mentions a 10mm axle. Not sure if I can even change the existing end caps for these or not now. Any ideas? Cheers.
  3. feel like a massive killjoy asking, but central heating on a timer?
  4. I can't stand it any more, where did you find that thing?
  5. Re: Hibernation, pretty impressive the weather conditions they did that stuff in.
  6. Suggests that once your account is verified a button should appear next to the video to let you activate it.
  7. Any changes on what you'd recommend now for "budget and expensive brakes, suitable for trials/street-trials." I've currently got a Hope XC brake (yuck dot fluid) on the front and an MT7 on the rear which I still haven't managed to get right. I don't like having 3 different brake fluids at home, so am really considering going to Shimano to match my other bikes. They all run SLX, and I get some good results practicing (definitely still firmly in the beginner camp) but they're just not quite there for the rear. 4pot Zee set are on for £165. MIghty tempting any reasons why not!?
  8. Little bowl in Ramsgate.
  9. Well, all that concrete was quite a lot more intimidating than I expected. This pic is looking at the deepest part of the bowl. It goes round anti-clockwise and get shallower in stages. I didn't ride it much at all so wasn't really worth the 20-25 minute each way drive. Not much for beginner there. On the drive home I stopped off at that place in the picture above. Didn't realize there's another spot at the top of that at street level. Quite a good spot for beginner, maybe more advanced stuff there with rocks and that.
  10. Random day off booked tomorrow and access to car granted mean I'm gonna give Deal skate park a go in the morning, been meaning to for a while. Not much experience of skateparks, but from photos/videos online looks like it might be one of the better ones in the area. Might have to take knee/elbow pads for this one.
  11. Live near town seafront so loads of stuff within a two minute ride, plus I'm only starting out so don't need much. Will be sad to see Winter and dark evenings pass as it meant less people around to see a 40 something guy being a bit rubbish at riding a trials bike. Won't miss the howling wind though.
  12. Too many questions.
  13. Went out this evening because any old excuse to 'test' the ride - front tyre now tubeless on rigid mtb commuter. I practice trials on it quite a bit, but this evening, I didn't take tools so saddle was at full pedalling height and I wonder why I'm shit at trials. But even at my best I'm still a bit shit. Watched so many videos for inspiration over the past few months seeing people hop up ledges higher than I can even jump without a bike is just pissing me off. Homeless bloke under a concrete carpark round corner was doing a far better rant than this about dogshit while I practiced.
  14. Ah ok, washers on the outside sounds more sensible, that's why I mentioned it before just throwing some on there. Did think about filing the axle slightly, but not keen. Might try a serrated washer or should I not? Possibly over thinking this now? Cheers.
  15. After fitting the wheel with a pair of 25mm M6 bolts, then cutting one of them down to 23mm, the wheel still isn't properly secure. Where the hub axle is fractionally wider than the dropouts, the Trialtech axle bolt washer I bought are gripping against the axle rather than the dropouts. Are there any axle bolt washers designed with a little recess to accommodate the axle to avoid gripping against it? Either that or a couple of thin washers either side of the hub sandwiched by the dropouts would accomplish the same job (and the forks do compressed to the hub width when tightened).
  16. Thanks for the help. The bearings are starting to feel a bit rough will leave it for a rainy day later on.
  17. Still really rubbish at trials lol. Here's me having probably just braked and now attempting to get up onto front rear wheel. Taken with Yi 4K action cam, seems to get lots of interference with low light levels, hence the grainy lines.
  18. Thanks, yes you're right. I had a closer 2nd look and there are M6 threads inside the QR axle, about 21mm on the disc side and at least 40mm the other. Guess I can take my choice of axle-washers from Tartys provided they're for M6 bolts? Do you know how to get to the bearings at all?
  19. Is it normal your feet fatigue quite quickly from trials riding? Any recommendations to improve it, foot position, exercises, etc?
  20. I usually use my old 510 Freeriders which are quite flexible. Also have a pair of Scott flat pedal shoes that are stiffer soled with a harder grip compound, but they feel lethal in the wet. Will probably just take a minute or so out to recover, something I'm not used to doing so much with most of my riding being to commute and/or XC style rides. Heard a few people mention Addidas Terrex for MTB, so will have to keep a look out for sale offers.
  21. New bike built up for daily commuting. Frame & forks are new, set of wheels from shed (which weren't hardcore enough for my hardtail), and everything else donated from my old 26" commuter. Had a mess about trying trials stuff on it last night, is good fun for practicing stuff on the way home, and nippy for getting about on too Will probably have to sort mudguards for it at some point, but don't want to spoil it for now.
  22. Like the mix of entrants ability in this.
  23. Couldn't find a horse videos thread so is posting it here ok?
  24. Go read the tutorials on and watch all those videos recommended to you in your thread from September again!
  25. You're best off asking on singletrackworld.