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  1. That's interesting. How come you reckon none of them are fine? Genuinely curious.
  2. For general maintenance and cleaning, your 99.9% stuff will do just fine. If you really wanted you could buy some bike branded stuff like Muc-Off disc brake cleaner which comes as an aerosol. Pretty much the exact same thing.
  3. Industrial isopropyl is absolutely fine for rotors and pads. I've used the 70% stuff and 99% stuff in the past with good results. Don't forget to clean the inside edges of the cut-outs in the rotor as dirt/contaminants can stay trapped in those pockets. For contaminated pads, I've found that just using alcohol is not enough to get rid of brake squeal if it's deeply contaminated. Use sandpaper, then wipe away with alcohol, repeat if necessary. Boil the pads or blowtorch 'em as a last resort. Contaminated disc pads are trickier to 'save' than rotors, usually. Sometimes even all these steps are not enough to save disc pads from howling, in which case it's new pads time.
  4. When boiling a pot of crabs, you'll notice that the crabs at the top trying to claw their way out... they get dragged back down by the crabs beneath them. Vaccinated hybrid sheeple are the same as the crabs at the bottom of the boiling pot. Every single vaccinated person is a hybrid. That's right, they are no longer fully human. No exceptions. Just a sore arm so far? Yep, even those who had mild reactions to the Clotshot are permanently contaminated and have a ticking time bomb growing and spreading inside them. The graphene oxide, ethylene oxide, heavy metals and living parasites are injected inside the blood and is spreading everywhere inside the body. Will be interesting to see how the next months and years play out. An ever growing number of hybrids are feeling Buyer's Remorse for a reason. Many hybrids are pushing to get non-vaccinated humans vaccinated.... just like the boiling crabs. Exactly like the boiling crabs. So why do the Covid vaccinated hybrid sheeples need to be protected from the non-vaccinated humans by mandating the vaccine that doesn't even protect the hybrids in the first place? If this was a real pandemic, why are millions of doctors and nurses getting sacked around the world, for refusing to take this experimental Clotshot? Surely we'd need all hands on deck if this was a real pandemic...... If the virus is so deadly then how are these millions of non-vaccinated doctors and nurses who've been working on the front line for 2 years with no Covid clotshots, still alive and healthy? Why have abnormal menstrual cycles, miscarriages and horrendous birth defects skyrocketed since the rollout of these "vaccines"? Coincidence? Or... What kinds of semi-human hybrid offspring are born when a vaccinated hybrid sheeple procreates with a non-vaccinated human or another vaxxed hybrid? Have a look for yourself: Babies Born After Vax Compilation: Real people injured by the Covid vaccines:
  5. It's interesting that the Guilty has a wider than normal BB. From the sounds of it, it has an 83mm shell like DH frames, correct me if I'm wrong. I wonder why? Maybe a wider crankset/spindle improves stability kinda like how wider rims offer more sidewall support on off-camber surfaces. Bonz cranks are on the shopping list - really curious how they will work out with a fixed 18t sprocket on a 1x10/11/12 drivetrain. Hopefully the non-drive crank won't have any issues with some blue Loctite on the pinch bolt thread, we'll see. If it has issues then I'll try your Shimano method For your custom Marino, is the mech hanger gonna be replaceable on the vertical dropouts or is it an integrated hanger like on old-school 90's steel frames? Looking forward to seeing updates!
  6. Thanks for that dude. Yeah did wonder how everything was held in place seeing as there's no threads for a lockring or anything. As the preload from the compression bolt is about 1nm or less - is there play in the system between the freewheel/sprocket and bash moving under torque? With the single pinch bolt, did that just end up coming loose all the time leading to crank on spindle play or did you find another issue with it?
  7. How wide is the Bonz spindle compared to the Shimano's 68/73mm MTB spindles? Have wondered if it's possible to fit the Bonz crankset onto an MTB frame with a 73mm wide bottom bracket.