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Haha, Ebay.


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good old boy! :)

if you can get LOADS! of the stuff i will give you that Echo hub if you still want it ;)

Yeahh :) I'll see what i can get, 'cuz the road stuff is shit, you want roofing tar. =]

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there's roads all over hutton with strips of tar in...i live in one of 'em! who do you ride with by the way...? are there more riders round here?

Lol no i've literally never met any one from around hutton who rides trials apart from my brother that used to and Steve. Where bouts you from?

It's a mate from holiday lol, he want's it for his Mountain bike?


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ah right...fair doo's....are you riding charlie's bike now then?

this is adam btw..live next door to steve (Y)

maybe meet you down the industrial estate sometime!

Yeah i no you,

Erm no i bought Chris Bennets shitty Mod :D

Charles sold his bike on ebay not long ago,proper shit condition and got £90 for it (Y)

Lol yeah will do , Mabye?


Oh im Charles brother by the way :D

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Ironically i dont even see any tar on that rim in the picture :D

Well spotted - lol - i would tar my rim if i had that amount, especualy with loads like that you dont kneed to worry about running out - lol

Shame really, dont need tar cous i am running duel disk :lol:

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