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Echo 07's are strong as fook, only come in 32h though, except in black which are 32h and 36h. Try-alls are pretty good aswell and come in 32h and 36h, but I doubt they would take the same beating as a Echo 07 though.

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The try-all mod rims are fairly decent in my experience, ive been running them for a few years, they have took abuse, drops, rimming out on sharp edges etc along with grinds, but obviously eventually they will need replacing like anything, so in answer to your question yes the try-all rim is a fair one.

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Try-all echo ones are a bit heavier but still mega strong

I run a try-all on the front, as it'll take a beating, but isn't hugely heavy, then i have an echo on the back, as its a little heavier, but won't die. ever.


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