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He Can Hold A Manual!


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same stuff difrent edit

beast video though this edit is better than the last to be honest


and i wasent having a go like wasent intentional

just saying reading back i might have sounded a nob


I didn't read the whole of littlesams post, only clicked the video link. So sorry for a repost. Honestly I came across this by chance.

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Shit rider?? That's a bit harsh seeing as he's only like 14.......and he can manual a bike as good as/better than most pro's. I don't know anyone that can manual down stairs like that!!!!

Also he can backwheel about 1metre high, not exactly small......

I think he's bloody awesome and would love to be able to do that. Got a lot of potential.

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He's been doing the same thing for 5 years now, all of his vids are exactly the same. Probably why he's so good at it. Would be great if he could do other things as well.

I think that's exactly what you said last time, though with a slightly higher integer this time :P


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