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Anyone Built A Trials Course?


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Hi, I am thinking about making a course for practicing on.

Anyone built a course, if so could you post some pics so I can get some ideas. ;)(Y)

Cheers James

one of the guys I ride with just built a fairly sweet little backyard setup, basically built around a box that is between 122cm and 126 depending where you are with A frame, pallet gaps and rails.

hard to explain but here is Brewer Me and Dickey(his course) riding it one arvo

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Just out of interest, when you guys build a stack of pallets how do you fix them all together? Hoping to convince the inlaws to let me setup a mini arena at their farm as already got a few old tin bathtubs setup for gap-jumping (which are actually perfect for the job!) and there's a few lying around up there along with some metal girders and rail sleepers!

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i built one and nailed it all together then relised as i improved that i had wasted my time!

because i had built it in a kind of straight line so when i improved that was it, it was to easy for me so i knocked it down.

my advice is that get a shit load of palets in different sizes of piles ect logs , railway sleepers, concrete blocks/ pipes

any loose items that have a low centre of gravity

hope i helped

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