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Neon X-ray. Just realised it was a neon not a rockman hahaha


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So I thought it was a rockman X-ray, but it's actually a neon X-ray haha.

Anyway, got this at an absolute STEAL of a price imo. Needs tidying up here and there and getting smaller cranks for it as it's currently got 175's on.

Plans are, silver, silver everywhere!! (you know me)

Frame - Neon X-ray 2011?
Fork - VIZ disc only
Front Wheel - Trialtech on echo hub.
Rear Rim - Onza pro diamond on onza hub
Tyres - Front tyre is Tryall and rear is Maxis creeper crawler
Bottom bracket - Isis Try all 128mm.
Cranks - Trialtech 175mm
Freewheel - Tensile 96 click
Bashring - none, neon bashplate I think.
Pedals - Speedrace caged.
Headset - Chris King in pink?!
Stem - Tryall sloping 150 x 30°
Handlebars - Viz 720's
Grips - Tennis racket tape I think
Brakes - Front hope mono trial on 160 rotor, rear 05 maggy with 4 finger lever. Brake pads are the be-greens







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That look seriously beast-

Id just get a front rim and hub to match the rear-Some dece pedals Job done-Too much silver will ruin that !

One of the nicest looking mods ive seen in a fair while

Cheers man. Still going silver though haha. The frame is a bit battered. Pics really do it justice to be honest

Came so close to asking to buy this, pretty jealous.

Looks sweet Dan.

Managed to get it cheaper than what it was advertised too! Thanks dude.

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