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Inspired Element Rim Brake

Max F

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I'm currently running a v-brake with a cheap break booster and really soft pads on a non-grinded rim on my Element. The breaking performance is good but as soon as it gets wet or dirty, the power goes down to a not trials friendly level and it also feels really stupid.
I'm sick of the changing performance and want to change to a grinded setup.

So, here's my simple question:
What would be stronger and feel better(less finger power required and a bit of modulation), the standard v-brake with Shimano Carbon Booster and coust pads or a 2014 4 finger magura with coust pads, Evo2 Adaptor and TT booster?

I really like hydraulic brakes but I don't know if a magura is that good wih the adaptors..
Also my rim walls are angled, so the v-brake slides the pads down on the rim surface instead of pushing them harder against it when pulling harder.

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thanks, guys
so, as I already guessed before, I'll stick with vees
I just thought about the magura because hydraulic discs feel so much nicer than cable ones and because the magura pushes he pads perpendicular onto the rim surface
thanks a lot :wink:

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I used to run deore arms, xtr lever, plazmatic crv pads with a linear slick cable. No booster thou and it was an awesome brake. It had hold for days and great modulation. Bite wasn't the best but it made up for it in hold.

Stick with the vee, once you get used to the feel you'll reep the rewards.

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