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15ft roof drop


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Thought I'd share this few clips I have of this drop I did the other night but it got dark way to quick and the video quality is shocking! Might give it another shot in the light but I don't know haha!

Don't really think it counts but I did drop off the building...

Tell me what you think! Thanks! :)

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If you're into breaking your bike then cool keep doing that. Takes balls yeah, there's no skill or technique being displayed there so sorry, thumbs down from me

I get what you mean but it's not totally true

not easy to anyone to overcome the fear or the get a smooth landing from such height

I m a pussy, so I don't mind seeing people with bigger balls ;)

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There is skill in lading a big drop smooth, I know he didn't lol, but it's hardly Josh Bender. Any really good trials rider can land big drops much smoother than someone not as good, you can only get the right technique by doing big drops, it's not all balls. Just because you can do 7 feet smoothly doesn't mean you can do 10+ feet smoothly.

I used to love a huge drop, but I did them less and less then my technique just went to shit.

Plus to a lot of people it's not worth a broken ankle, some don't mind!

There's also no way that's 14ft 9 :)

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This lad did this after have few months on the onza bird he did it on.

A bit of motorbike trials and dirt jump experience only. I am sure it wouldn't have been long if he kept riding he would have been off roofs.

Good work on that drop though I wouldn't even dream of it myself.

I have been told its a lot mind over matter.

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