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Dabomb Tactic or Arcade bars?

Clerictgm mk2

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Ive tried both. Da Bombs are a bit wider which I like.

Got the Da Bombs before the Inspireds came out and they're still going strong.

Apart from the big bomb graphic, I really like them!

If you want to pay for the looks and the name, the Inspireds are the ones for you.

If you are the average rider who likes street, go for the da bombs.

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I put mine on just before I did two months of demos every day for nearly two months which involves a 10ft and 7ft drop multiple times in a show. My bars were a noticeably different shape after the shows.

This year I had my arcade bars on for an even longer demo tour and they lasted fine and I'm still using them now.

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A little review. They're just awesome. More streety but nonetheless good for TGS.

TT HR was 107cm from floor with comfy angle, Arcade is 106.5cm from floor with my setup (46mm of stackers, 90x35) but it doesn't feel too high for some reason. I'll try later less stackers later but even that crazy high setup are really good.

I like they more than TT HR so much I liked TT HR after because riser. Very comfy on two wheels and still good on rear.




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