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Ozonys XS26 Dual Disc Build Thread.


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My first thread in here for a while! 

As some of you may know, I stopped riding a reasonable while ago now.

I had a brief flurry back on a bike during lockdown mk1 when I build an Echo Pure, however in hindsight I should have stuck to what I knew and built something more like I used to ride. 

Now that I have aged a little I am not looking to build anything too modern or that might attract attention to my now lack of skill.

With the advancement in disc pads and rotors I was keen to give dual disc a try again so the hunt was on to find a suitable 26inch frame. 

I picked up an Ozonys XS26 which was in need of a little bit of TLC, as with many there is a crack on the drive side dropout, so my plan is to remove the cracked material and create a bolt in dropout. 


As it stands, I *think* I have everything I need, spec is going to be:

Ozonys XS26 frame

Echo Urban fork

Echo 170mm CNC cranks, bash and 18t sprocket. 

Trialtech stem & Viz bars (bars may change to something wider) 

Fluorescent yellow Tryall rims on CK singlespeed rear and Tryall front hubs with Like new Tryall tyres. 

Sheco brakes, echo calipers and shimano levers with trialtech pads on the rear and 200mm hope V2 trials rotors





I am quite excited to get this built and will try to update this thread as things come together. 

I have recently moved back to Cornwall, so all the spots I learnt on are now local again, so can't wait to get back out there on some cornish natural! 

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Just now, Bigman said:

Yes, I got a pair from Phil Williams when he was having a big clear out. 

Just a warning that you might end up switching them out. I did the same on a compy 24 I built years ago and they weren't very good though that could have been the rotors fault. 

Also fitted a standard Echo to the front of my current 24 Adamant with a 200mm rotor and whilst the lever might not be as good as a Shimano the brake was still gash hence me buying that BB7 off you! 

I may stand to be corrected however and if so I've got a spare XT lever I'll be swapping with the Echo. 

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Fortunately I have already used an Echo caliper and shimano lever, it was nearly 10yrs ago on an Echo 24 I had and it was awesome! 

With the new hope rotors and Trialtech/Jitsie pads I think it it will be good. Plus being IS mount they shouldn't break as easily as post mount brake calipers. 

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Slowly getting there, need to actually repair the frame at some point though. 


I have realised that after riding 800mm bars on my mtb for the past 3/4years, 720mm just doesn't cut it, going to need to find something wider. 

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For those that haven't seen it in Facebook, it's getting closer! 

Finally got around to making the dropout insert to replace the cracked part that I cut out. 



And mostly built:


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