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Hope Hubs

Guest DMRider_10

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Guest DMRider_10

BULB = 36 engagement points, Ti freehub body, Good for those who dont wreck hubs that easily

MONO = 21 engagement points, Steel freehub body, Good for those who usually wreck hubs

MONO Ti = Same as above but with a Titanium freehub body

XC = the same as the MONO but with a disk mount

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Guest thetart20
Hope big un - sme as the bulb but with wider flanges (is that what you call them?) resulting in a better wheel build.

Big Un - Totally gay, overly heavy. Its just a BULB internally. Doesnt build a better wheel. Waste of space :-

Front hub shells make nice pen holders though... haha

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mate, ur new, so i spose we will let u off, sooner or later u will learn that there are some people that u just dont dispute on certain subjects, like argueing with thewheeldoctor™ about wheels

oh well

u will soon learn

hope hubs, half the price of chris king, half as good, simple as that

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the big'un does build into a stronger wheel becasue the length of spokes is shorter because of the larger diameter of the hub flange therefore =strong wheel build

Not true. The difference in spoke length is sod all anwyay - unless you lace 2X, 1X or radial... which you really dont wanna do on a Big 'Un.

And if it WAS true, it gives another case for BMFs and the like building into weaker wheels... they use spokes about 5-6mm longer than 521s... ah well.

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Pretty sure they have a 1 year warranty, but they'll help you out no matter how old the hub is.

Generally you just send the wheel off to them and they fix it and send it back. It's worth phoning/emailing them first though.

I just sent off a 2 year old Hope XC and got charged £20 for them to fit new axle, pawls and bearings. Considering they're sending it by a courier back to me (£10ish worth) it's a pretty good deal. I suspect if the hub had been in better condition they wouldn't have charged me.

I've certainly had disc brakes serviced/new parts fitted for free.


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