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Model Kits

Ali C

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I have been searching google for hours now trying to find somwhere that sells model kits but without any luck.

I am after either motorbikes (I would love a crosser or trials one if they exist?) or racing cars, the bigger the better, I just want somthing to build and possibly paint because I need somthing to do!

so if anyone knows any shops that do these kind of things, can you let me know please.

Ta (a very bored) Al

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:S tryed

I am looking for somthing just a teeny weeny more specific :P

edit: Cheers trialsboy, I found that earlier, but I looked for ages for ones that I liked the look of, but then my eyes started to hurt, so I stopped. I will have another look.

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I "specificly" want some addys, or just names even of some decent model shops, not just the ones that do the die-cast £5 jobbies and already built models.

edit again:

thats more like it, they look the part! Good job trialsboy560 :S

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My little brother works in a RC and Model shop called Bekra RC they are pretty big but don't have a site.

What kind of motorbike are you looking for?

Oh and you wont find any trials bike models :S the only one that was ever made was of an old Yamaha TY 175 I have one unbuilt :P

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a big fast looking one, with lots of parts, hard dificulty level etc etc, I want it to take me a while to do. or an equally big, hard motocross one (though, I doubt it exists :S )

Ok then well I know for definate you wont get a very hard motorcrosser but I made this Ducati 998 once that was incredably hard so hard that you had to mad the chain from all the links :P it was 1:9 scale so big enough to be very detailed.

I'll go find the box and take a picture

Edit - paint is £1 a pot so not that bad



Cost £30 from Hamleys :P how snobby is that and it's not finished yet

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D'you mean "American Chopper" gay porn or "American Chopper" the Sky thing? :S

Anyhoo, I know that in the big model shop where I used to live (no, I didn't live in the model shop...), they had some motocross bikes, but to be honest I can't remember if they're the "made" ones or the kit ones. I'd have thought you could've gotten something? Try looking for the Revell website, if you haven't? They seem to be the bomb shit, really.


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