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How To Lighten Your Bike


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I think it's done with a good sense of humour, I very much doubt it was written by some chap in a suit behind a desk, in fact with a sense of humour like that it may have even been written by one of these filthy riding types. If I had my way they'd all be shot.


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Of course it does. :ermm:

Ok so he doesn't check his spelling but he runs that site for almost nothing, spends a load of time getting prizes for the competitions and offera the most comprehensive skatepark guide in scotland, so lay off him. Ok. :mellow:"

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QUOTE "Go brakeless. Brakes can weigh a lot, so why not take them off and be cool like Edwin Delarosa? Be careful not to die, though. Also be prepared to buy new trainers more often."

:mellow: that's not a good idea :ermm:

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