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Llandudno Indoor Trials Evening


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i'm not putting a piccy of me up, i'll be the tired looking bloke taking your money off you at the door, wearing a red howies t shirt and not riding much. if you think the events been good come and tell me, if you think its been shit then i'll probably already be hiding in the store cupboard...

see you friday

oh yeah, if i get on my bike its a dbr tibo with 80mm manitou forks on it and full avid sd ti's

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here's my beautiful self (N) lol, excuse the fact i am actual anialated and my mate is trying to signal us something with his hands. god knows what

I'll be on a 26" XTP with blue stuff, quite a distigishable (if thats a word) bike.

And aren't us trials riders a pretty bunch (N)"

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this is me


i will be the one trying to impersonate ryan leech, except more hopping :)  watched manifesto 7 times in the last two days to prepare :S

will be riding a black ashton et with silly coloured forks!!


he doesent look like vernon kay! he looks like ryan leech himself!!! (sortof :P )


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how does it have a seat on in the first pic and not the second? and please don't go getting your nipples out onj friday night :S

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