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New Ashton

Trials Punk

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There are no pictures so don't get too excited.

I went riding porthcawl yesturday and Ashton turned up on a new frame.

Main differnence is a longer wheelbase. I neglected to get the measuring tape out but it looked much bigger. It has a higher BB, and a lower seat. Theres two new guessets underneath the seat.He said the frame weight is now up to 4lb as he wants a bit more reliability.

He did say something about when it would be realised, but I won't say otherwise people will expect it then.

The frame looks more or less exactly the same.

Just informing you people.

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I don't see the problem with having a lower frame.  That just makes stuff easier.  However, I'm jumping of the long bike bandwagon, they're not all that great  :)

Yeah... trials is developing, and obviously this is what the designers see as the frames of the future. If there's most demand for these types of frames then why not produce them!

Are you changing frame then tom?

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its shame to see the justice go longer (this ain't anything against long bike, there are cool :) )as I thought it was the best riding shorter trials bike out there! I hope it is black though because you know whatever happened to paintjobs :S

but it wouldn't suprise me if the streety ashton is basically the current justice geo, but with a more traditional frame design. that would be cool!!

as for the end of the et, its sad to see them not making them any more, but they weren't build strong enough if you ask me (though mine lasted a good while)

good to see ashton is continuing developing the bike he wants to ride!!


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I still have a brand new un used et24.....not for sale I add.

Should have it built eventually. I'm just being lazy and have been really busy recently so havent had much time.

I wouldn't say long and low is the future, it's just another direction or angle of trials bike. People will always prefer different things so thats why there's a range to choose from. Hopefully it will be painted though because silver is definately getting boring.

Black's the new silver haha.


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