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New Video 2


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New Video filmed last week night vision all the way threw.


Sholud be uploaded in a hour or so.

Pretty steady video really.

Nowt major.


Post up comments.

Cheers to rossi for uploading. :ermm:

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You f**kin beauty! Loved that one Lee, still need to come ride Barlik with you yet :ermm: looks good. Keep em comin boi.

Should be uploaded soon, need to give my PC a boot up the arse.

EDIT: Done now.


Edited by cultiv8ed rossi
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awesome peice of editing work their Lee.

hope to see you showing everyone how to ride proper style this weekend.

great video.

need to work on your launch up to pallets though.


edit (im not just saying this to look good, he sent me it over MSN)

it'll be worth the wait for the eengoodidee

Edited by Bucky
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fookin hell lee thats a great vid deffo a keeper watch that one tis beasty an buck i know your bunnyhop king lol but jesus thats a big bunnyop never the less,

that sidehop ont bin an wall are awsome huge lol an the tap looooool quality all over lovin it cant wait for wales now :ermm: :ermm: :P (Y) :-

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