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Hope Bulbs

Tom Booth

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well, im guessing your realitivly new to the sport other wise you would now about them ? :(

they are a good hub, imo the best rear hub from hope, mainly for the fact, they have the most pick-up points, i believe they have 36, whereas the mono/xc only have 22? i may be wrong but i no its alot less, and very noticable when riding the 2 hubs.

i would say go for the bulb, as i doubt you will break it any time soon, i no many good riders that use them :D

hope ive helped

Dave :P

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To be honest I would rather go for a Mono or XC as the internals in a Bulb are uber weak and tend to break alot!!! :(

Well that's my opinion on them :P


I agree my Hope bulb lasted me under a month where as my Mono lasted a lot longer. At the mo my ACS front freewheel is working better than my Hope bulb ever did.

Just go for the Hope Mono or XC :D

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:- well looks like im out numbered lol,

fair enough, i stand corrected  :(  :D

dave ill stand by you on this one due to myself using a bulb and loving it. if you are going to get one then you will have to look after it if you wan tit to last.

thanks ian

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I think it depends on how you ride. I ran a bulb for 4 years up until a couple of weeks ago. Its only started skipping in the last couple of weeks. If you're a heavy rider and dont engage the hub before you kick you WILL blow it to pieces in no time at all.

I think its a great hub. Light, plenty of pick ups etc

Get one.


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I wouldnt do a bulb, mines bust on me twice and i aint a huge rider or fat.

Monos are stronger but still break eventually.

I decided to go for a DMR revolver hub and an ACS claw freehweel, means 10 quid to replace instead of buying new hubs or sending crap out. Mines been working mint, best change ive ever done. also has same engagement as bulb. 36 or something

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Ive got a hope XC its coming up to being two years old (Y) and Its only skipped about 5 times.  Deffinatly a good hub, Ive heard of many Bulbs blowing up.

Theres about 3 hubs I would use to ride trials personally:

Hope XC

Hope Mono

Chris King

Thats about all the hubs you need.

what about profile mtb hubs? Mine is awesome, never skips.

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