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Google Whack


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I'm a bit bored and I just watched the Dave Gorman DVD where he plays at google whacking (it's rather amusing).

Google whacking is putting two words, not in speech marks, into google and getting just one result back. I obviously had to try, and I finally found necrophile antidisestablishmentarianism which made me very happy.

So what google whacks can you find?

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It said it was spelt right on google

Just checked and goodle recognises both of them indiviually as proper words

Sorry but its spelt wrongly, because it is not underlined (hypercondriac i am talking about ) if it comes up bold on google, just means someone somewhere on the internet has spelt it that way!!!

Dave Gorman rules (Y) gonna have to see the dvd, but I have read the book!!

I ain't found one yet (Y)

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Dave Gorman is brilliant. Read both his books, seen him live and watched all the series on tv  :)  not got the dvd yet though. I recommend everyone should read the book Amazon Link

quick plug for him there. And no im not related to him in any way  :P

have you read danny wallaces book 'join me' thats awesome too!!! as good as the dave gormans books (Y) (Y)

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