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Tyketrial Round 1 Video


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hahaha! mint!

Your skills are ace....watching that i almost believe i could just go out and pull it all with ease, but when you arrive it's like "err how the hell you supposed to get up that..."

nice moves, keep it up ;)

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Is that Expert? If that's Expert, then hampshire's version is much more friendly to the less skillful rider (Y)

I'm 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure it'll be Elite if it's Ben Slinger . . .

On the video side of things:

You actually are a bouncy bunny, only way to describe it. Awesome stuff (N)

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SORRY lads, I just got a warning from the company who has the server that my site is on, and they've had over 3 GB traffic from my site every day for a few days now, and they weren't happy with that (Y)

3 GB... LOL! aint that much...

anyway, since i have to take the video down tonight, can anyone Shack or host it??

(N) Peter

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