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New Leeson Machine


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Heres my new bike got her sorted on saturday, rides like a dream.

Got a 1050 wheelbase and a specially lower seat for better standover height. Everything else is standard leeson, insanely stiff.

Curtis Forks, 180mm Trial Disc, King rear Wheel etc...




Cheers me dears...

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Does look very nice  ;), how much longer and lower is it compared to a 'standard' leeson? Definatley looks better.

well usually the longest is 1045 but I think my forks have made a significant difference to that. It's 2 inches lower than normal which makes it look/ride better.

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I will actually be on the phone to clive by the time you read this, asking if he can modify my frame to be more like that one...

Savage bike dude.

I don't know how any bike can be called stiff with a spindly-ass seat-post like that, but I'll take your word for it  Looks really good though

If you look at the seatpost in the third pic, you can actually see that its tapered (gets wider at the bottom) which in fact is a lot better for stress transfer and so that seattube is actually a lot stronger/stiffer than an average one.


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Someone is still running Mavic rims?! :D  :D  Nice bike Jon, long but not too long. :P

Theres nothing wrong with a good old set of mavic rims :P . That is a very nice bike you have got there i am likeing the low stand over, i have a leeson and that is 1040 wheel base hopefully i will be getting my pashleys tomorow.


Gaz ;)

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