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Deore Cranks


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I havent tryed them. But i know someone who does.

They seem OK for the money, just keep and tight and dont thrash the bollox of them! And they should be fine.


Could you make it more clear, which ones you mean (Y)" Deores or power pros

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I ran a set of square taper Deore cranks for a few months , they seemed to hold up pretty well .

Some guy on Observed trials . net managed to machine a pair of Shimano Deores to accept a front freewheel ! Looked pretty cool .

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Back in the day I used to run De-Whores and a buddy of mine ran Powerpros - he had to replace his cranks, I didn't. Though maybe they've changed for newer models. So perhaps are more XC orientated.

I'd say the deore's are generally better, seemed more rigid, and nice pair of cranks to use until you've got enough money for Middleburns or Tensiles. Plus if that Marko Blau dude can/did run a pair, anyone can (Y)

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deores anyday! had 3 sets, 1 messed up cos the bb snapped and took a huge chunk of taper with it (Y)

and the other 2 sets i sold, still worked fine though, dahhhnhillallalaal had 1 set of mine so ask him ;)

they are light, cheap and work fine, may be worth lookin at the octalink versions as they are prob stronger in the bb department (i hate square tapers :) )

power pros on the other hand..................RIP lol

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