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Can You Use Different Brake Fluid In Your Hs33's


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hi, i was just wondering weather i could use different brake fluids in my hs33's because my mate put water in his i think but it says only to put dot brake fluid in in the manual thing for them, so have any of you used a different brake fluid in them. thanks,


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sorry if i'm being a bit yes and no but also water and anti freeze will trash the seels as antifreeve has a chemical in it which eats through things so it will reck the seals also my mate done this before and he got through 6 seals in 4 months and its a pain replacing them I will look up what you can put in them and post later

EDIT: Cooking Oil will get rancid and changes viscosity. Mineral Oil from the Supermarket is also not a good substitute. You never know what viscosity that stuff has. Mostly a weight of 30 is sold but again, nobody knows for sure, because of the different measurements in viscosity. For emergency work in the middle of nowhere cooking oil, or mineral oil will work....so does water but it all really needs to be flushed out later.

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me and a mate tried baby oil today its thinner than water but didnt reli give the required results and didnt reli have the time to fart ass about tryin to mess with bubbles. the brakes were tight and they gripped nice but still wasnt as good as water. also now that the weather starting to get cold using ani freeze in water a good idea as it will stop the water freezing. (Y)

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me and a mate tried baby oil today its thinner than water but didnt reli give the required results and didnt reli have the time to fart

yeah post that on any other forum and you'll get flamed ;):P

as ali said don't use dot fluid, it even says "don't use dot fluid" in the manual, so don't do it

water _pwns :)

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not wd40 its penatrating oil it will eat from the seals

If you'd of read the topic son...i said >>>>wd40 thats been left part to oil @ the base

Take a glass

Spray 1 can of WD40 in

Leaver for a few days

Retune to the glass

See how oil is at the base and a thick creamy cummy stuff is on the top!

Use a Magura bleed kit, suck the oil from the very base of the glass.

Be warred this oil is really slippery and anyoing if gotten on anyhting you don;t want it too

Hot water and fairy clean it up well..also it cleans Maguras nicely (the hot water and fair before you think i said WD40)

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whats wrong with good old' magura blood i've used that had no problems. easy to bleed with can do it straight away doesn't muck up your maguras. just use normal magura blood does exactly what it says on the tin

do you reckon any fool has used normal blood? <_< i think they would faint before they had enough to bleed the brake

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Ok guys, i see that your all trying to save money by using oil substitutes such as water, cooking oil etc. but the only substance which is guaranteed to work in your brakes is proper brake oil.

Personally i think that the magura stuff is overpriced and so i use shimano:


At £12 a litre i think it's well worth the money

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LHM is less expensive!

It is not DOT 3, 4 or 5, it is mineral oil.


A high quality product specifically formulated for Citroen and other vehicles which require a mineral oil based fluid for braking, suspension and central hydraulic systems.

# High 240 C boiling point

# Non water absorbing

# Outstanding corrosion resistance

# Ideal for centrally pumped hydraulic system

# Wide temperature range

It rode LHM for 2 years and I never had a problem.

It is the same fluid as the old Magura oil (green).

The viscosity is the same, the color...

Here, a litre costs only between 4£ (GSF Part number: N98104)

Here, latest product 1 Litre £4.79, 5 Litres £20.99

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