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What Hydrolic Front Brake To Go For?


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im running an avid juicy 7 carbon 203 with fibrax semi-metallic pads and its the shiz.ali is right though,if you aint got a 200mm mono trial thats been tweaked a bit then the bb7 is spleen burstingly powerful and cheap to boot!not only are they cheap but avids fitting system make boshing them on rediculously easy,that'll be my next choice if i dont have any luck with mine.

hope it helps


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I've got a hope mono mini 180 (not the trial one) and it works well much better than the trials brake get one of them just not the trial one,

Matt Rushton

ha ha, you must be the first person to ever say that

mono minis are wank little brakes, the older mini however was superb

anywho, mono trials are inconsistant but dont get affected by heat fade like bb7s, and when they work, have superb powr...but thats when they work, bb7s are very good, with a decent lever and cable and only really suffer when they get hot-not a huge issue in trials unless you do stoppies all the time :)

get a bb7 for sure if you are on a budget :)

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