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Dodgy Bb Thread


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right got my pashley ghz almost up and running, went to screw in the new skf bb and it only goes in for 2-3 turns and then jams up, all greased up nicely. running my finger inside of the bb the threads feel a bit rough and uneven but dont look crossed.

simply does anyone have a bb threading tool who lives in the portsmouth area? need it sorted quick sharpish!



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I've got the tool, where i work also has the tool.. Thats Bristol though, if your over that way for some reason give me a shout and i'll sort it. 10 min job. Also have facing tools and headset reaming tool.

Cheers ta.

may have to at some point, as i come through bristol on the train home.

was kinda hoping to get it sorted pretty quick sharpish.....


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