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First Male Pregnancy


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Well it appears the first male ever (if you exclude arnie in junior) has become pregnant. You can see ultrasound, vitals etc and for once this isnt some kind of hoax. Take a look around the site, i dont know whether its quite disturbing or just .. different. Eitherway.. what are peoples views?

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Thats pretty cool, a bit wierd granted, but cool.

I couldn't be bothered to give the website a proper look to check its 'bullshit resistance' but w/e good luck to him.

EDIT: Bit more content

Will be interesting to see what effects this has on his body and wether he will be able to cope.

Things that will be interesting:

Contractions (or lack of)

The size of his stomach (can his skin take it)

How will he (or doctors) know when it is ready to be born

" " " " " " if any complications occur.

Where is the baby being kept (like a womb? as far as I know men dont have one)

Will he get any weird cravings?


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i found this:

While some bite their lips over clone claims, RYT Hospital's Dwayne Medical Center churns out one scientific

miracle after another. Now the institution that brought you the first male pregnancy asks you to match wits with

Clyven, the first transgenic mouse with human intelligence. One of the most stylish sites online.

sorry but RYT hospital just aint right (like the pun :D )

EDIT: in theory the phoetus will be exiting through the urinal tube. painful hehe

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I don't get it... How the hell did he get the female organs inside him to actually place the baby? Also where the fcuk did they put it? Amean he has a nob etc... surely he cant have female reproductive organs..


Wrong, shoot him.


Just showed my mum and dad, and they believe and i quote,


Amean, those ultra sounds and vital scans could easily be taken from something else? Or even just made by somebody and posted up.

And if this was actually serious it would have been tabloid and media speculations before it was even attempted... Urm he smells something along the lines of a cow pat!

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Margaret A. Keyes, M.D., Ph.D., is a researcher in genetic medicine and Professor of Cell Biology and

Genetics at RYT Hospital. She is exploring the use of embryonic stem cells as a means to cure neurological

conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. By implanting human brain cells

(grown from a human embryo's stem cells) into a mouse engineered to have Alzheimer's, Dr. Keyes

inadvertently made a remarkable and startling discovery: she not only cured the mouse's Alzheimer's Disease,

but the animal soon developed the relative intelligence of a human being.

^^^ info from that site.


anyone seen hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? the mouses owning and running earth.... see where im coming from?

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No, give him a medal.

' Oral doses of female hormones were administered to Mr. Lee to make him receptive to the pregnancy. '

Does that mean hes gonna start leaking out of his moobs?

go to the faq page i remember it saying something about breast feeding

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providing it is actually true.

The b/fs WELL having a kid then hahaha :lol:

They would probly have to cut it out of you :ermm:

Altho you probly wouldn't know when its time for it to come out as you wouldn't have contractions e.t.c

Obviously you'd have a date but some can be late/early :huh:

mmmm and i think alot of feminist people wont like this - kind of like saying your taking womens rights of having a baby which is what were good at :sick::lol:

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its pretty amazing that its possible, providing that isn't a hoax. But the main question is how?

If he went to have surgery to make him able to get pregnant then thats pretty f**ked up.

I rekon hes fat like poopipe and has eaten a baby.

fat ? :o

take that back.

i haven't eaten a baby for ages

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