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So Erm Yer...i Crashed My Car

Joe Papasnap Maher

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Slid of the road last night after coming home from a mates house....

Ended up sliding down a bank, into someones front garden and ploughing into a concrete post...( which has mullered my car :closedeyes: )

Obviosly gonna need new bumper and bonnet, and probably radiator..hard to tell...ive not even had a proper look to be honest, as it saddens me to look at it :(

Bumper and bonnet i can prolly get from scrappy ebay...then radiator...i dunno ??:S

Question is..

Do i get it all done myself...or let the insurerers do it.. I dont care about making a claim...only thing is, i think ive got a £500 excess....and if i can have it done for less than £500 i might aswell not claim??

I dunno :(

P.s pc plod came round this morning hahah asking me for license and mot and stuf...can i find my documents, can i f**k :lol: , got a 7 day wonder to get up the station with them :(

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Oops, least you're in one peice anyway.

It doesn't look like you've done anything irrepairable imo but it's hard to tell and i'm no expert. Personally i'd avoid going through the insurers, it's not just the x years ncb you'll lose but you'll have a crash against your name and that will punish you for the next couple of years. If you've got a £500 excess you probably won't have to spend much more than that to sort it via a scrappy and you'll save in the long run. Just my 2p, hope you can sort it.

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I think it looks rather nice, he's obviously a bit of a boy racer with them buff alloys on it, and it's probably not much cheaper than getting them off of the scrap heap, and you might pick up some nice birds.

All gravy.

Hes a boy racer because he has alloys?

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You'll need a new slam panel as well by the looks of things. So add that to the list of things you'll need:



Radiator (you'll 95% certainly need one)

Slam panel

Spray job

If you're the right side of £500, I'd be very, very suprised. I'd say the paint job itself will be pushing £200. The bonnet and front bumper are two of the largest areas to spray on a car, and considering I've been getting quotes of £60 to spray a spoiler, I don't think an estimate of £200 would be far out.

Do not buy the radiator second hand, whatever you do. All the other stuff, fair enough. Although I would still be hesitant about ripping a slam panel off a crashed car...you never know what forces have resulted on the chassis because of an impact.

Best thing to do is get a quote...and slow down! :P

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Whats a slam panel?

and, can somone tell me why my airbag didnt go off....

I mean , if it dont go off under the impact of that...i dont know what would :blink:

Slam panel is the bit that your rad is mounted to i think?? its a fairly important piece :P Bad luck buddy, I have to say thats a really nice looking little car, not normally a fan of the blingin alloys but tis all groovy. Good luck with the fixer upper (Y)

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