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What Grips To Get

David Biddle™

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Halfords 'drop bar' foam grips.

Comes in a pack of 4 long grips, cut one in half, and you have a nice lengthed pair.

For £5 too..can't go wrong. ;)

Those grips are deadly, stay well away from them! They are far too soft/thin, you'll end up ripping them off mid gap like someone i know did. ;)

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your all wrong!!!

the BEST grips are massi lock on types (under a few different names as well I think)

they are a wee bit fat to begin with, but I cut them down with a knife and they are spot on!

They never come loose, dont wobble like odi lock ones, they use grubscrews which are a fatter allen key so dont round off either....perfect grips.

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hi mate i use gusset bastards grips i think there amazing quite hard at first give them a day or to to sofen up and its bliss!

i also recommended try all rubber aswell

but not the foam i had them and they didn't last long!

good luck (Y)(Y) tyler!

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i think there called good and evil grips i had them for a year so good soft and big got rid of mine though to big or halfords fome grips im running them now but dont last very long well they dont for me

ye but what do you expect, you get 4 sets of grips for £5 (if you cut them in half) you cant really expect them to last. ;)

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Currently I am running Gusset b*****d grips, they are not too bad, they grip well and are reasonably comfortable. They are quite similar to the try-all grips, but once water gets at them they start to twist, thats why you need lock-ons.

On my MTB I run ODI Ruffian lock-on grips. I personally think they are the best grips out there. Really soft compound so they grip and feel so good. Not sure how they would feel on the trials bike though, as they are much thicker.

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