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Which One Dangles Lower?


which one?  

116 members have voted

  1. 1. which combo are you ?

    • left lower + right hander
    • left lower + left hander
    • right lower + right hander
    • right lower + left hander
    • waiting for them to drop

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I saw a documentary a while back in which the following theory was put forward..

If you're right handed, your left gonad dangles lower (and vice-versa)

Because I've got nothing better to do with my day I set out to either prove or debunk this theory. I did a brief survey (ie. I asked Davey) but the results (below) were inconclusive.


I'm a right hander and my left one dangles lower.

Davey is a left hander and (contrary to my expectations) his left one dangles lower.

After investigation, it emerged that Davey prefers to use his right hand to, erm, 'pull his chain' so it occurred to me that the connection may lie in that direction.

soo, in the interest of science please indicate your favoured solo love hand and which gonad dangles lower

(the ambidextrous amongst you must have a favourite - you've got a favourite olsen right ? )

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Left is lower, right handed, however can yank with both hands equally as well.. in some cases my left gets me off better than my right

haha you are a hardcore wanker i cant wank with my left for shit it feels shite.

anyway wank with right hand left hangs lower.

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haha you are a hardcore wanker i cant wank with my left for shit it feels shite.

anyway wank with right hand left hangs lower.

Yea i remember when i didnt train with my left hand. Was like rubbing spaghetti for a while (just 8" girth spaghetti) .. but now its 2nd hand nature. Id give it a go.. once you have learnt that then its time for your mouth.

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anyone found they can actually raise their lower ball with their stomach muscles though? i have :P like stick belly in/out, pull it in and shud raise you lower bollock

ooh yeah.

thats nearly as much fun as the willy dance, now to figure out how to move each of them independently

Same with womans breasts aswell. One's lower, and bigger.

hence the tendency towards a favourite...

re. the statues.

The documentary mentioned it - Michaelangelo's David apparently has a danglier right gonad so they reckon he must've been left handed (personally I reckon it's down to them using mirrors & pinhole cameras & shit to increase the size of their pictures so the argument is flawed)

the results aren't contradicting my hypothesis yet. I note we have 4 freaks now ..

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Isnt it because the sperm duct is in the left testie and so it weighs more an will hang slightly lower?

thats what we was taught in science me thinks...... lmao

No its because if they were at the same height you would crush them together between your legs. Its simple evolution.. even dogs have a lower bollock

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No, i think you need your own poll for that one Tori. Completly different part of the anatomy, would possibly invalidate the scientific findings of this one.

i'm afraid it would, I don't mean to exclude the ladies - it's just biology.

If you don't want to feel left out and have a significant other who hasn't already voted perhaps you could add their results instead?

one gonad is a hard one - it may be best to refrain from voting or vote for the new option as it may skew the results.

speaking of which..

it looks suspiciously like the theory has been debunked - particularly among the left handers

so much for science

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