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New Steed: Pashley


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]well its been nearly 2 months of sorting out but its nearly ready ish

only a few things to sort such as rear wheels and stem, and then see how it goes. hopefully crank bolts will come tommorow so riding pompey in the afternoon




comments welcome

cheers, craig




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Haven't seen one of these in ages!

Yummy pash' :)(Y)

Brilliant frames, they're equally comfatable being riden "trialsy" with a long stem and wide bars as being riden "streety" with a shorty stem and narrow bars...

Wider rim at the back are nice (Y) This is mine...



and a year later...


Need to get my pash' set back up :rolleyes:

Enjoy it dude, probably after a few months of riding you'l be very reluctant to let it go...ever lol



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Look's sweet,Better if everything was black in my opinion.....It's your bike though,So keep it how you want it. (Y)

its will gradually be going all black, just a case of money! rear wheel for christmas from mr tart (dmr revolver,dx32, black spokes and an eno)

really wanna geta black bash for it, anyone know where i can get one from?

havnt actually ridden it yet, still wating for crank bolts (tommorow hopefully!)



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the black does look better in the flesh thats for sure. as for the bars i havnt had chance to test the whole setup out yet as im still wating on my crank bolts to turn up! see how it goes, but a shoter stem and high rise bars may go on at some point.

gotta love the old school, and steel!!

cheers, craig

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