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Is It Worth Grinding Your Rims?

josh h-l

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i have been riding trials for a while, and i have been fine with just using tar, but as the wet weather is coming in, is it worth grinding my back rim? i heard that your brake pads wear down quickly, and after a while it needs grinding again so after a year you might need a new rim because it will weaken. But an upside is no tar and works in the wet.

what do you think worth it or not?

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Yes a grind is worth it. I used to use tar as well, but the grind makes your breaking much better. My first pads wore away quickly, but only because they were not designed for a grind. Get a grind and also make sure and get some new pads, such as the ones people have already mentiond.

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Go for it mate. There are some reasons for that:

1. You don´t die when you do big stuff

2. Improved braking (get some good pads and they will last for a while)

3. You will feel more confident on your bike, you feel you can go bigger (without dying :P )

Hope this helps


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i think its worth asking what kinda trials you ride?

if you like your hoppy hoppy big stuff then a grind is a must

but if you prefer streety stuff, e.g- manualing and skatepark stuff then a grind is a no no.

the grind IMO makes the brakes just lock on lock off. and if u need your brake to adjust while manualling (to keep your balance) then a smooth rim would be best as the brakes wont suddenly jam on slamming your front wheel down ending the best manual you could have ever possibly done!!

or alternatively learn brakeless manuals....im getting there. good sense of achievment when you get it right....possible sore arse if you dont!

so all in all if u got a long bike for hoppy hoppy then grindy grindy if u wanna go streey sreety spinny spinny then go smoothy smoothy with the occasional bit of tar if needed on the big beasty stuff

prob no help at all.....sorry


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lol thanks yeah that did help. i do some "streety streety" but i am getting on to bigger stuff and i started this topic because i was trying to get up a 9 brick to back wheel and found i could of got up it alot more times if my brake didn't slip and i had tar on. So yeah i think i will grind my rim, thanks for every ones input, much appriciated! :D

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And smooth rims are crap as soon as they get a little bit wet.

Too much tar on you rim can make your pads stick to you rim and not release when you let go of the brake (very dangerous)

definately worth getting a grind and some good pads buddy.


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