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Out of interest, is anyones live mail working? Its completly f**ked for me, i get like 7 links, no styling, and thats it, rest of the page is blank.

Also getting told that the server is to busy, or that the mail.live.com isn't part of the windows live network. :blink:

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msn is updating itself, it does it every now and again just try later it should be working. like everything it needs to update its servers ect. it will be back soon (Y)

For 3 days?

How do you know its updating, just a guess? :rolleyes:

If it was updating, they'd load balance the traffic through other servers, and take the servers that need updating offline. If its a code update, they'll cascade it, so you'll either log into old code, or new code, not inbetween.

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